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   Looking to rent a flat or studio apartment in London: EAST END, SHORE   DITCH, MAIDA VALE, EC 1, WC2 etc.
   Dear friends,
   Ge   at lea   editoria   If you know of a two-room apartment or studio apartment    neighborhood (preferably EAST END,  SHOREDITCH, MAIDA VALE, EC 1, WC 2
   etc.) to rent for at least one year, pleas   touch with the appropriate person or agency.   If anyone can help    one-year subscription    International or the brand new ca   Thanks for your attention,
   Plea   Giancarlo Politi  [1]giancarlo.politi at tin.it<   or:
   Gea Politi   <   href="http://webmail.flashartonline.com/src/compose.php?send_to=g   eapoliti%40gmail.com">geapoliti at gmail.com   Giancarlo Politi/Flash A   Via Carlo Farini, 68
   20159 Milano Italy
   Tel. ++39 02 68   Fax  ++39 02 66 80 12 90
   email: [2]giancarlo.politi at tin.it   
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