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Tue Jun 7 14:53:05 CEST 2005

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PICTUREPEOPLE is an independent artistic 
(monthly) e-mail project by Rüdiger Heinze 
(writer) and Kristofer Paetau (visual artist) 
without any commercial purpose. It concentrates 
on the human representation in (amateur) 
photography. The (found) photographs are part of 
fictions (due to their re-contextualisation) and 
they reveal different phenomena in human 
representation, interrogating mainly cultural and 
social issues, making connections to other fields 
of representation. The text accompanying each 
series of pictures serves as an introduction - 
hopefully leading to further reflexions.
New subscriptions, comments and questions are also welcome!
Feel free to write to: picturepeople at web.de
A PICTUREPEOPLE archive exists at:

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