[artinfo] Interactive Scripting Workshop, Munich, July 29 - August 4

Brunhild Bushoff sagasnet at sagasnet.de
Tue Jun 7 17:37:23 CEST 2005

call for participation

__Interactive Scripting Workshop
__Headed by Greg Roach, Hyperbole Studio, LA
__Guest Speaker: Sean Dromgoole, Some Research, London
__July 29 2005 - August 4
__2005 venue: Academy for TV and Fim, Munich, Germany
__Workshop language: English

In this intensive workshop the relationship between storytelling, visual
media techniques and interactivity will be explored in depth, participants
will apply filmmaking knowledge in this arena by developing their own
interactive ideas, which are then processed in a group scripting phase.
Participants will develop in teams short treatments for an interactive film,
story, or narrative game  (no limitation on platforms or genres) which is
then discussed.

__The training is aiming in the first place at professionals
(developers, writers, producers, designers, programmers, artists,
researchers...) coming from MEDIA member countries.
Applicants coming from other countries please
contact the sagas office for details.

__There is a limited budget available for travel and/or hotel funding. in
case you need to apply for this please make sure to contact the sagas office
before July 10.

__sagas writing interactive fiction is a non-profit training initiative in
the frame of the MEDIA Plus Programme of the EU and is aiming at furthering
innovative story-based content creation for interactive media.

__Sagas writing interactive fiction workshops are intense, hands-on,
inspiring: effective think tanks and cross-disciplinary networking

More details and application forms available at <http://www.sagas.de>.

sagas Writing Interactive Fiction
c/o Bayerisches Filmzentrum
Bavariafilmplatz 7
D-82031 Muenchen-Gruenwald

tel      + 49 89   64 98 11 30
fax      + 49 89  64 98 13 30
mobile + 49 (0) 171 45 28 0 52
URL   http://www.sagas.de
e-mail  sagas at sagas.de
a joint initiative of MEDIA  Programme TRAINING
& Academy for TV and Film Munich

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