[artinfo] The Nomadic World Pavilion - Intervention during 51st Biennale of Venice

Geert Lovink [c] geert at xs4all.nl
Tue Jun 7 14:36:27 CEST 2005

>From: Allard van Hoorn <info at allardvanhoorn.com>
>Allard van Hoorn
>  7 - 17 June 2005
>The Nomadic World Pavilion
>  Intervention 51st Biennale Venice
>  Mobile research for DSSL and the
>  UN Millennium Development Goals
>Not invited by María de Corral and Rosa Martínez 
>but self-organized the Nomadic World Pavilion is 
>a mobile research facility presented by Allard 
>van Hoorn during the 51st Biennale of Venice. 
>The Nomadic World Pavilion is representing 
>approximately 852 million people worldwide who 
>cannot obtain enough food to live healthy and 
>productive lives (FAO 2004). Cutting the amount 
>of people who suffer from hunger in half by 2015 
>is one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) 
>that came into being when 147 Heads of State 
>signed the Millennium Declaration at the United 
>Nations (UN) in September 2000.
>Allard van Hoorn will be part of the Design 
>Science Summer Lab (DSSL) being held at the UN 
>building and UN University in New York from June 
>24 until July 1. The DSSL is a design program 
>engaging in design science methodology inspired 
>by Buckminster Fuller and others. The program 
>will run for 10 years in a row addressing 
>different Millennium Development Goals each 
>year. This year the DSSL will focus on the 
>development of a comprehensive strategy for 
>reaching one of the Millennium Development 
>Goals: Reduce by half the proportion of people 
>who suffer from hunger. The Buckminster Fuller 
>Institute organizes the DSSL in cooperation with 
>the United Nations.
>The Nomadic World Pavilion (NWP) is a mobile 
>platform collecting input for reaching the goal 
>of reducing by 50% the people who suffer from 
>hunger by 2015. The NWP's main focus is 
>gathering information that will help the DSSL 
>and the UN achieve its goals. The NWP will 
>travel around the world during the 51st Biennale 
>of Venice discussing with the public what role 
>art can have to help reduce hunger in our world.
>The NWP will journey widely, starting in Venice 
>from June 7 through 17, to assess what will have 
>to be done to fight food shortage on a global 
>scale. Progress and input from the public will 
>be updated and can be followed continuously on 
>Next stops will include Barcelona June 17 
>through 22, New York June 23 through July 4 and 
>Amsterdam July 6 through 12. Further itinerary 
>will be announced on the same Internet location.
>For more information on the Design Science 
>Summer Lab and the United Nations Millennium 
>Development Goals click the following links:

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