[artinfo] NOMAD-bg festival by kosmoplovci.net, Belgrade

nomad///kosmoplovci nomad at kosmoplovci.net
Wed Jun 1 11:50:27 CEST 2005

we are glad to inform you that on June 17-19th, 2005,
NOMAD-bg festival is being organized by kosmoplovci.net
at Student City Cultural Center (DKSG) in Belgrade.

the three day continous timeline of NOMAD-bg will
be open to anyone who wish to contribute in the area
of creation, being it computer, video, music or comics.
physical attendance is highly welcome.

detailed information is available at nomad website.
>>  http://nomad.kosmoplovci.net

here are some highlights:

12.comics workshop. wostok, krpelj production, vrsac.
    entropija, subotica. kosmoplovci, beograd, maybe
    komikaze, zagreb.
19.serbian film revue. mladi kadrovi, marko milovic,
    seljak, wostok, kosmoplovci, ede sinkovic.
21.opening of exhibition of machines in kosmos.
    public healing of vladimir vukovic seljak with
    current. medical psihological person in charge:
    lazar bodroza. ultrasound: kosmoplovci novi.
22.TEHNO MUDA concert.

15.quartzing. russian zx spectrum scene:
    cyberpunk unity, skrju. minimalanimal,
    ps minimalartifact, $, mfx, satori...
18.reception. kosmoplovci video/demo/intro.
19.cartoons. animated movies. computer animations.
    max andersson: ingen kommentar (1987), varfor ar det
    sa mycket svart (1988). bruno motik: astro kvacica.
    bob miloshevic. zden. grey park...
22.KDES, concert for machines. optical events.

00.demo party.
04.night program.
05.poetic mornings.
12.chess tournament.
19.selection of most beautiful demos. mfx, halcyon,
    kewlers, tpolm, !=, farbrausch, zden, traction. $.
    asd. cncd. einklang.net. pipidemic. flo. haujobb.
    jormas. katastro.fi. replay. kolor. lunix. matt
    current. melon dezign. nah kolor. portal process.
    satori. tap. three pixels. unique. 0x7a69.au. 3state.
    calodox. i2pi. ephidrena. spaceballs...
21.tone test.
22.concert to remember. KOOI bend with guests.
24.concert recording. hc404. artificial detection.

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>>  http://infovirus.kosmoplovci.net

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