[artinfo] Urban Screens conference / 23-24 september / Amsterdam

Lev Manovich manovich at jupiter.ucsd.edu
Sat Jul 23 16:48:29 CEST 2005

23-24 september / Amsterdam

URBAN SCREENS 2005 is an international conference ranging from critical
theory to project experiences by researchers and practitioners in the
field of Art, Architecture, Urban Studies and Digital Culture.

It addresses the growing infrastructure of large digital moving
displays, that increasingly influence the visual sphere of our public spaces.

It will investigate how the currently dominating commercial use of these
screens can be broadened and culturally curated.

Can these screens become a tool to contribute to a lively urban society,
involving its audience interactively?

We will explore especially the following issues: "Shaping the Urban
Mediascapes", "Addressing the social value and civic culture",
"Experiences from practical case studies concerning content production"

Detailed info and the program:


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