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>From: Anke Finger <anke.finger at uconn.edu>

>Flusser Studies is an international e-journal 
>for academic research dedicated to the thought 
>of Vilém Flusser (1920-1991). In addition to 
>publishing articles about Flusser's work, the 
>journal seeks to promote scholarship on 
>different aspects of specifically 
>interdisciplinary and multilingual approaches 
>Flusser himself developed in the course of his 
>career as a writer and philosopher. These 
>approaches range from Communication Theory to 
>Translation Studies, Cultural Anthropology to 
>the New Media.
>Flusser wrote his texts in different languages, 
>translating himself over and over again, moving 
>from English, to Portuguese, German, French and 
>back again. Similarly he worked by juxtaposing 
>and contaminating different discourses: 
>philosophy, anthropology, communication theory, 
>art and design, zoology to mention only a few.
>Among his most original contributions in this 
>context are his philosophical fictions - above 
>all Vampyroteuthis Infernalis - scientific 
>fables on the borderline of literature, science 
>and philosophy.
>Flusser Studies is published twice a year. Each 
>edition will be dedicated to a specific area of 
>research. Publication languages include English, 
>German, French, Brazilian and Czech. Some 
>editions will be dedicated to a specific area of 
>The first edition is planned for fall 2005.
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