[artinfo] Call For Entries Design Exhibition 2006

ake rudolf ake at idagency.it
Thu Jul 7 02:30:58 CEST 2005


The Design of Eastern Europe
Exhibition Project for 2006
Call for Entries

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of the Italian Design Agency of Milan, Italy,
I am honored to send this invitation to participate in the exhibition project
to you, cordially inviting you to forward this message to design-related
persons and organizations in- and outside of your country.


The project aims at creating a unique exhibition consisting of relevant 
contemporary works,
designed and/or produced in eastern Europe in all fields of 
three-dimensional design
between 1989 and today, including:
interior, object, houseware, appliances, lighting, glass, ceramics, 
consumer products,
textile/fashion, surface/material, packaging solutions, communication, 
transportation, industrial,
environmental design, as well as experimental excourses into other fields 
of work
that result in the creation of a multi-dimensional object.

The exhibition will be built around two main parts

1] The best works in contemporary design from 1989 until now – an 
exposition of objects and prototypes
from Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, 
Lithuania, Moldavia, Poland,
Romania, Serbia/Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine

2] The history of 20th century design in the above mentioned areas, 
researched in cooperation
with design experts from each country, as the collection’s didactical 
background, in graphic form.

Entry is open to, but not limited to, freelance designers, in-house designers
(designers who belong to companies) and students.
No prior experience of design or formal or informal qualifications as a 
designer are required.
Entrants may be of any age, and may enter as individuals or as a group.
Participation is free.


Your help is greatly appreciated, and will contribute in an important 
manner to a project which,
we hope, will help to elevate eastern Europe's vast reservoir of creative 
thinking and work
into the international spotlight.

I do welcome any questions or comments from you
while sending you my best regards,

Ake Rudolf

Berlin/Milan, June 2005

Ake Rudolf . project curator
ake at idagency.it
c/o museum der dinge
oranienstrasse 25, aufg.1, 4.og li
D 10999 berlin
ph +49 (0)30 61 65 60 05
mob +49 (0)177 41 37 631

ida . italian design agency
viale coni zugna, 4 . I 20144 milano
t. +39 02 89 07 57 89
f. +39 02 89 07 57 90
www.idagency.it . www.idot.it . www.icdontour.it 

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