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   SPECIAL   artist and special price for the catalogue
   Having noticed the great interest tha   Hall, Thamova 8 - Prague) has been generati   (with a daily average of national and internation   500) and so as to make the exhibition more accessible   and less well-to-do, the PRAGUE BIENNALE Foundation has d   offer, during the first 10 days of each month (July, August,    September), the extraordinary 600 page colour catalogue of the
   exhibiti   the usual    catalogue in two languages, Czech and English, has already    the attention of many viewers for its complexity, completenes   user-friendliness.
   The PRAGUE BIENNALE Foundation also announc   15th, the very day the Biennale is closing, a stud   awarded to a Czech artist tak   sum of 5.000 euro to be used on a    York.
   The PRAGUE BIENNALE Foundat   studio (to offer free of charge or    for the artist who wins the grant. The    forward by the PRAGUE BIENNALE Foundation and    who wishes to remain anonymous. The commission who   study grant will be made up of: Giancarlo Politi, Direc   Biennale 2, Helena Kontova, chief curator, Jiri David, cu   Czech section.
      fr   One of our collaborators, i   would like to spend two weeks stu   English-speaking country, possibly Ireland, assiste   whom she would ideally share an apartment and get inv   daily life. The tutor would be required to assist    24 hours per day (on walks, trips to a restaurant, th   theatre, shopping, etc.)- If you are interested in giving   lessons to our collaborator who is a modern and confident 27-y   ear-old woman who has only just began studying English,
   please conta   accommodation, teach   &   online.com
   Giancarlo Politi/Flash Art
   Via Carlo Farini, 68
   2   Tel. ++39 02 688 73 41
   Fax  ++39 0   email: [2]giancarlo.politi at tin.it
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