[artinfo] [rep_art] OPEN PROGRAMME: CALL FOR PROJECTS 2005

Ojo Atomico ojoatomico at wanadoo.es
Fri Jan 28 19:27:10 CET 2005


The Open Programme is a space of freedom. Its goal is to promove the 
creativity and the artistic experimentation, beyond the usual quality
criteria. Atomic Eye offers through this programme its Project Room and its 
technical support for artists and curators that are searching new ways of
dialogue with the society.

Our criteria are not based on the technical or material support of the art 
works, but we will favour the projects for in site / ephimerous 
installations, and/or those related with performance, and we discourage the 
proposal of exhibition of classic studio works. We suggest to visit our web 
and see the past exhibitions before send a project.

Videos will be projected in the lounge. The screen is 250 cm. wide and 
there are stereo HI-FI sound system.

All selected projects will be documented in our web site.

Applications for Open Programme must observe the next rules:
    * Exhibitions are not commercial.
    * Exhibition's length can be from one day, for video and performance, 
until two weeks, for installations.
    * Application must include a text, not longer than a page A4, and an 
image, not bigger than 100 kb, send by e-amil to 
<mailto:info at ojoatomico.com>info at ojoatomico.com . Please, don't send CV or 
further graphic material; we will ask for it if necessary.
    * Atomic Eye don't have budget for the exhibtions of the Open Programme.
    * Selected projects can use for free the space, tools and audiovisual 
equipments: video projector, vhs player, dvd player, Hi Fi, and dsl 
Internet access.
    * Diffusion will be done only by e-mail.Atomic Eye can not print 

El Ojo Atómico
site for new artistic behaviour
C/. Mantuano 25, local
28002 Madrid
tel: +34 91 415 22 91

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