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Fri Jan 21 22:04:44 CET 2005


[NON] gallery online and offline - of possible interest to list members.

[NON] gallery is online at non-gallery.org, a component of The Concise
Model of the Universe (www.xxos.net).  For instant satisfaction click
on '+' on the site tool bar and set up an account to contribute to the
zeitgeist.  Other possibilities exist via proposal and negotiation.

[NON] gallery is offline at 5 Central Road Kingsland, Auckland,
Aotearoa / New Zealand.  The gallery is made up of two main rooms.
The first is 3.5m wide and 20m long.  The second is about 7x11m.  The
space has an ADSL connection and is line of sight to the Sky Tower for
wireless connections.

There are apartments in the same building with accommodation for
visitors to Auckland and there is the possibility of art residencies -
if you have the funding organised.

A Paul Annear
The Paul Annears

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