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Subject: [spectre] exh. Screen Tests at NFM / IFFRotterdam
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Date:    Wed, January 19, 2005 1:03 pm
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Did you ever ask yourself : who is that face in the mirror?

Inspired by the screen tests recorded in the mid-1960s by Andy Warhol, the
Rotterdam based Nederlands Fotomuseum presents during IFFR 2005 an
exhibition pursuing the same practice of 'testing' peoples faces.

In what is generally a very simple or even emphatically sober setting, an
individual is confronted with a camera. A subtle transformation takes
place. The recurring motif through this exhibition is precisely that all
the works focus attention on this shift from person to 'persona.'  When is
someone authentic, in the face of a camera?

The exhibition is not intended as an historic homage, nor as a fetish of
the remnants of past glory. With a dozen Andy Warhol screen tests as
prelude (including Susan Sontag, Lou Reed, Nico and Jack Smith), this
group show primarily wants to take a closer look at the comforting or
destabilizing effects of a screen test and aims to add some unexpected
connotations to the theme through an explicitely contemporary selection of

Can I see your ID?

Works featured :

- MARTIN ARNOLD : Dissociated (2003)
Double dataprojection

- MANON DE BOER  : Sylvia Kristel (2005)
16mm film installation, loop, no sound.

- JOHAN GRIMONPREZ : Looking for Alfred (2004)
Photographs and video-loop

- GRAHAM GUSSIN : "Know Nothing, Self Portrait as X - The Man with X-ray
Eyes" (2003)   colour photograph

- ERIC PELLET :  Admosh (2004)
Installation with projection, modulated light source, sound speakers.

- ANRI SALA  : Promises (2002)
Video with headphone

- FIONA TAN : Tomorrow (2005)
Installation with double dvd-projection

- ANA TORFS : Elective Affinities/ The Truth of Masks (2000/02)
Installation with multiple b/w slide projection, silent.

- ANDY WARHOL : Screen Tests (Reel 16) (1964/65)
Black & white 16mm transfer to DVD



Featuring screenings of :

- MANON DE BOER :  'Sylvia Kristel - Paris,   (2003, 40 min, video) At the
request of Manon de Boer this screening will be completed with some
documentary fragments about the filmmaker Barbara Loden and her only film
Wanda (1970).

-  ANDY WARHOL : Screen Tests (reel 10+18)  Blow Job (1964, 26 min, 16mm)
Reel 10 : Ethel Scull, Barbara Rose, Robin (?), Jane Holzer, Lou Reed,
Edie Sedgwick, John Ashbery, Jonas Mekas, Ann Buchanan, Paul Morrissey.
Reel 18 : Nico 3, Rose (?), Chip Monk, Susan Sontag 6, John Palmer 1,
Helmut 3, Isabel Eberstadt, John Cale's eyes 2, Lou Reed 3, Star of the

- INE LAMERS : Not She  (2004, 40 min, video)
A woman explores the boundaries of identification. In her re-enactments
she sometimes succeeds in persuading us that she really is Guiliana
(Monica Vitti), A. (Delphine Seyrig) or Mabel (Gene Rowlands).

- MIRIAM BAECKSTROEM : Rebecka (2004, 42 min, DVD)
Oscillating between authentic experience and staged authenticity, Rebecka
uses the interview  as a convoluted diversion from truth, trapping us in
the hazy space between fictionalized reality and being.

  - FACING IT, a compilation programme, comprising :

 Vanessa Renwick Britton : South Dakota (2004, 8min, 16mm)
 Seth Price : Folk music and documentary (2004, 5 min, video)
 Sara Jardeno : Location Interviews, Sara Jordeno (2003, 8min05, video) 
Judit Kurtag :  Une Grammaire de temps, Judit Kurtag (2004, 5 min, DVD) 
Corinna Schmidt : Living a beautiful life (2003, 13min, video)
 Karo Goldt : Solo mit choir, Karo Goldt (2004, 6 min, video)
 Johan Grimonprez : Looking for Alfred (2004, 6 min, video)
 Christopher Harris : Reckless Eyeballing (2004, 13min35, 16mm)
 Burt Barr : Roz (2004, 5min42, video)
 Franko B & Tim Etchells : Taxonomy -death stories (2002, 12min, video)

The Screen Tests exhibition is a co-production between the IFFR and the
Nederlands Fotomuseum. Guest-curator : Edwin Carels

Filmprogrammes shown between Jan 26th and Feb 6th

Exhibition runs from Jan 22nd till Match 6th 2005
info : www.nederlandsfotomuseum.nl

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