[artinfo] correction: January!!! presenting bootlab & NeXtLab

Intermedia Intezet fmr at mrf.hu
Thu Jan 13 16:33:00 CET 2005

The Intermedia Institute of the Hungarian Art 
University cordially invites you to the event/
az MKE Intermedia Intezet meghivja:

	Presenting bootlab, Berlin & NeXtLab, 
Budapest  / Bemutatkozik: bootlab, Berlin & 
NeXtLab, Budapest

date/idopont:	January 17th, Monday 18.30

venue/helyszin: 	1063 Budapest, Kmety u. 27.

	(the language of the presentations will 
be English / az eloadasok nyelve angol)

bootlab and NeXtLab will be presented, followed 
by a discussion of how artists can access and 
gain from such spaces, and what role this type of 
work plays in the local cultural scene.

Economic pressures, the seductive power of 
commercial work, and limited opportunities for 
creative work are a depressing reality for 
contemporary artists in the field of digital 
media. After gaining a high level education in 
new media, few cities have a place for artists to 
learn from each other, and produce work that is 
not tied to corporate interests. Artists' run 
spaces across Europe offer a place and context 
for another kind of digital work; one that gives 
room for hanging out, surfing, informal 
screenings, and continued learning and producing.

bootlab in Berlin is one such space. Founded in 
2000 by a group of artists, programmers, dot.com 
refugees, and assorted digital workers, the basic 
aims were to share infrastructure and knowledge 
in order to produce their work. The space has 
evolved over the past five years, hosting between 
20-30 individuals, organizing different events 
and projects: the BerLon wireless workshop; the 
3M discussion series; HTMlles exhibition; 
Reboot.fm, three month cultural radio. Finally, 
Berlin artists have a space to produce and show 
their work. Hanging out and sharing a beer is 
also an option. http://www.bootlab.org

NeXtLab is a space just being founded, by a group 
of people of diverse backgrounds. The aim of the 
group is to create an open, creative lab to 
explore possibilities in new media, public space 
installations and augmented reality by doing 
non-academic research and extensive 
experimentation. Our aim is to create reflective, 
intelligent envirornments by permeating our 
common surroundings with intelligence.

Participants:	Tamás Szakál
		Péter Szakál
		András Kangyal
		Ákos Maróy
		Diana McCarty, bootlab

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