[artinfo] thank you poland from GNU - free software foundation

Andreas Broeckmann abroeck at transmediale.de
Mon Jan 3 22:20:16 CET 2005

GNU Operating System - Free Software Foundation


We are placing the "Thank you, Poland!" banner at the top of the main 
page to thank the Undersecretary of State at the Polish Ministry of 
Science and Technology, Wlodzimierz Marcinski. This is in response to 
him blocking the
European software patent vote on 21, Dec 2004, making him 
single-handedly responsible for keeping Europe software patent-free.

We strongly suggest that all believers of software Freedom send a 
thank you letter to Mr. Marcinski in order to show our support and 
solidarity. The fastest way to do this is to sign the thank you 
letter at the "Thank You, Poland" website, which will be printed out 
and given to him. However, extra impact can be made by sending him a 
letter via snail-mail.

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