[artinfo] 640 480's 3rd Annual Video Valentine Project

jeremy bailey jeremy at 640480.com
Fri Feb 11 20:31:36 CET 2005

Video Valentine - Ménage A Trois

Welcome to 640 480's 3rd Annual Video Valentine Project.  Artists from
Canada, US, and UK have each created 30-second Video Valentines for you to
enjoy and send as e-cards.  Watch more than one!  Deliver two back-to-back!

Please visit <http://www.640480.com/valentine/> for a look at this year's
videos by: 

Jeremy Bailey, Krista Birnbaum, Patrick Borjal, Domaine D'or, Timothy Fagan,
Aaron Hraba, Scott Harrison + Kyle Tryhorn, Shanan Kurtz, Philip Lee +
Willem Weismann, Jillian Locke, Gareth Long, Brendan McGillicuddy, Alex
Snukal, MF Tichy, and others...

The 640 480 (six-forty four-eighty) Video Collective was conceived in 2001
as a platform for creating and curating new collaborative video and
installation works.  For more info please visit <http://www.640480.com>

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