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vagRearg vagrearg at colordepth.com
Sun Feb 6 10:58:33 CET 2005

Netopticon report - call for submissions


Scouting and tight inspection of personal information, at times 
readily exposed, serves economical and political interests of the 
system, helps creating the new ways of control and improves the old 
ones. Established around network security commercial structures 
continuously populate virtual file-cabinets, simultaneously 
supporting the channels of supervised data distribution.

Netopticon - the new project by no-org.net - undertakes the creation 
of an artistic and textual report on the topic of infringement of 
privacy and its protection. We are looking forward to net art works 
and texts dealing with resistance to manipulatively mediated concept 
of security, to art projects devoted to true anonymity of net-surfing 
and net- correspondence, to works intentionally feeding systems with 
falsified data, to any remarks, suggestions and ideas that would add 
up to a contemporary report on the topic.

The deadline for submissions is March 30, 2005.

Sala-Manca Group & vagRearg

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