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Fri Dec 16 21:17:35 CET 2005

1st Biennial of Quadrilateral
12/15/05  2/26/06

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Dolac 1/II
51000 Rijeka, Croatia

Phone + 385 51 334280, + 385 51 335252
Fax + 385 51 330982

MMSU, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art 
in Rijeka is announcing its long-awaited 
international exhibition of visual arts, Biennial 
of Quadrilateral.

Based on the rich history of such events - MMSU 
organised the legendary Biennial of Young 
Yugoslav Artists (1960-1991) followed by the 
Biennial of Young Mediterranean Artists 
(1993-1997) - the present manifestation takes 
into consideration the diplomatic initiative of 
Quadrilateral which, since 2002, has encompassed 
the states of Croatia, Italy, Hungary and 
Slovenia. All of these neighbouring and 
independent states have at one time and in 
different combinations, been a part of one and 
the same state. Presently, three of them are 
members of the European Union, while Croatia 
awaits the next round of EU enlargement. However, 
cultural unity and links within the region, 
largely disrupted during the turbulent 20th 
century, are soon to be revised to the past level 
of intensity. By its geographic position and 
cultural habitus, the city of Rijeka represents 
an ideal converging point of influences, ideas 
and experiences from East and West, Mitteleurope 
and Mediterranean. The biennial a ims to claim 
this position once more thus creating a space and 
place where regional distinctiveness can manifest 
itself through a globally understood language of 
contemporary art.

A biennial conception presupposes a curator from 
each of the participating countries who will 
propose a national selection that will further be 
subjugated for the selection to the joint 
committee singling out four artists from every 
country. Each biennial employs a new curatorial 
team thus bringing in a new theme of universality 
and actuality that will transcend the events' 
geographical confinements.

Curators of the first edition of Biennial of 
Quadrilateral are: Giuliana Carbi, director of 
Trieste Contemporanea 
; Branko Franceschi, director of the MMSU in 
Rijeka <http://www.mmsu.hr>http://www.mmsu.hr , 
Janos Sugar, free lance artist and Igor Spanjol, 
curator at the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana 
<http://www.mg-lj.si>http://www.mg-lj.si . 
According to the proposal by Janos Sugar, this 
team has settled upon a theme of relativism, as 
the most adequate notion to reflect the 
contemporary cultural and social discourse.

Brigitte Brand, IPUT, IRWIN, Adam Kokesch, 
Kristian Kozul, Andreja Kuluncic, Maja Licul, 
Emanuela Marassi, Omara, Maurizo Pellegrin, Marko 
Peljhan, Alfredo Pirri, Szilvia Reischl, Sandra 
Sterle, Lujo Vodopivec, 

Organised by Elvio Baccarini, Dean of the Faculty 
of Arts at the University of Rijeka
19  20 January 2006
Lecture Hall, University Library
Dolac 1,

Participants: Marina Sbisa, University of Triest 
(Relativism and Contextualism); Peter Szegedi, 
Eotvos University, Budapest, (Scientist vs. 
Philosophers on the Relativism of Science); Vojko 
Strahovnik, University of Ljubljana (Relativism 
and Contextualism); Gianfranco Pellegrino, LUISS 
Rome (Distance and Morality); Snjezana 
Prijic-Samarzija, University of Rijeka 
(Truth-Possession in a Social World); Nikola 
Petkovic, University of Rijeka (Relativism and 
Aesthetics); Elvio Baccarini, University of 
Rijeka (Relativism and Action).

organized by Janka Vukmir, director of the 
Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb
19  20 January, 2006
Lecture Hall, University Library
Dolac 1

Participants: Giuliana Carbi, Trieste Contemporanea Magazine, Trieste and
Marco Giacomelli, Exibart, Florence; Nikolett 
Eross, Exindex web magazine, and Adele 
Eisenstein, Praesens, Budapest; Nevenka Sivavec, 
(Likovne besede) Likovni salon, Celje and Tadej 
Pogacar, (Mars) umetnik, Ljubljana; Sandra Krizic 
Roban, Zivot umjetnosti and Janka Vukmir, 
Radionica, Zagreb.

1ST Biennial of the Quadrilateral

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Dolac 1/II, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia

Giuliana Carbi, Branko Franceschi, Janos Sugar, Igor Spanjol

Opening Hours
Tuesday  Sunday 10 am  1 pm & 5  8 pm
Mondays closed

Relativism, catalogue, designed by Sanjin Kunic

The 1st Biennial of Quadrilateral is funded by 
the City of Rijeka, Department of Culture and 
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Dolac 1/II
51000 Rijeka
Phone + 385 51 334280, + 385 51 335252
Fax + 385 51 330982

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