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Fri Dec 16 22:01:24 CET 2005

ATTITUDE - video /short & experimental film/ photography festival.

All selected works are focused on the problem 
which as a concept of this project has been 
posed: The artist ís attitude is the most 
authentic expression of what is going on in the 

opening december 24th 2005, at 20.00

place: Bitola, Macedonia  - Cultural Center "Magaza" (Institute and Museum)

organizer: Center for Contemporary Public Arts ELEMENTI

partner: International Art Expo (Italy)

curator: Biljana Petrovska Isijanin

web: <http://www.lucacurci.com/artexpo>www.lucacurci.com/artexpo

email: <mailto:artexpo at lucacurci.com>artexpo at lucacurci.com
<mailto:info at broadwaygallerynyc.com>

In a world where the individual is rejected 
because of the power of any kind and in a world 
in which all spheres of interest are focused on 
globalization, the power of the artist could be 
the strongest weapon against it. The artist 
him(her)self could be identified through his(her) 
own act of creating as the most important one, 
considering the fact that the new visions and 
attitudes are changing the image of the future 
The organizer of "Attitude" is the Center for 
Contemporary Public Arts "Elementi" from Bitola, 
Macedonia. It is an organization which exists 
since 1992 as an art group and since 2002 as an 
association which organizes international 
exhibitions of contemporary art in the country 
and abroad. In their work (as artists and 
organizers) they try not to make a big difference 
between creating an artwork and organizing an 
event. On the contrary, they intend to connect 
these two terms and to bridge the gap between 
curators and artists. Their work (artistic and 
curatorial) deeply penetrates into the social 
life and always provokes the individual who is 
captured in its own unification. Their work opens 
the specific question of miscommunication, 
netting and the position of the subject in the 
era of digital technology. They create a poetic 
which aims to emphasize the specific sensibility 
of the human in a relation with the deep 
alienation and misunderstanding.

Selectors of the festival "Attitude" are: Biljana 
Petrovska Isijanin/Mirna Arsovska/Ljupco 
Spirovski Isijanin - ELEMENTI (Macedonia), Luca 
Curci - International ART EXPO (Italy), Sasa 
Janjic - REMONT Gallery Belgrade (Serbia and 
Montenegro), Margarethe Makovec - ROTOR Gallery, 
Graz (Austria), Alenka Gregoric - SKUC Gallery - 
Ljubljana (Slovenia), Basak Senova - NOMAD 
Istanbul (Turkey).

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