[artinfo] ISTANBUL_03: Serial Cases_1 Acquaintance

Basak Senova basak at nomad-tv.net
Thu Dec 8 23:43:53 CET 2005

Serial Cases_1 Acquaintance
Istanbul Screening Programme 3


6.12.2005  @19:00
Istanbul Bilgi University Dolapdere Campus - Theater


Galia Dimitrova (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Coffee with Sugar
Daniela Kostova (I See - You See, 30 min, [15-min excerpt], 2002) | Adelina
Popnedeleva & Michel Beck (The Real Thing, 4:00 min, 2000) | Kamen Stoyanov
(10 Minutes World Art, 10:00 min [a 4-min excerpt], 2003) | Borjana Pandova
& Todor Karastoyanov (Whatever-Advert Laboratory, 8 pieces [1-3 min each],
total: 16 min, 2005)   

Margarethe Makovec and Anton Lederer (Graz, Austria)
Exercises in Imagination
Rainer Ganahl (Bicycling Tirana, 4 min, 2003) | Ivan Moudov (Traffic
Control, 6 min, 2001) | Corinna Schnitt (Zwischen vier und sechs, 6:04 min,
1997/8) | Gentian Shkurti (Alice in Wonderland, 3:40 min, 1999) | Janos
Sugar (The Typewriter of the Illiterate, 7:21 min, 2001) | Blue Noses (25
short performances about globalization, 10:05 min, 2003) | Erzen Shkololli
(White, 10 min, 2005) | Kunst- Fu (Exercises of the Masters, 9 min, 2002) |
Enes Zlatar (Thailand, 9:40 min, 2001) | Sejla Kameric (Imagine, 2 min,
2004) | Zbynek Baldran (Limit, 6:14 min, 2002) | Jakup Ferri (Don't 
tell it to anybody, 12 min, 2003).   


Serial Cases_1 Acquaintance is a joint project of ten curators from eight
countries. The first stage of Serial Cases will be presented throughout
November 2005 March 2006 as an exchange Video Screening Program in eight
different cities. Parallel cases covered by the works along with cultural
inputs from these regions are  the basis for this screening programme series.  


The curators of the project are Michal Kolecek (Usti nad Labem, Czech
Republic), Antonia Majaca (Zagreb, Croatia), Basak Senova (Istanbul,
Turkey), Matei Bejenaru (Iasi, Romania), Margarethe Makovec and Anton
Lederer (Graz, Austria), Galia Dimitrova (Sofia, Bulgaria), Eyal Danon
(Holon, Israel), Orfeas Skutelis and Branka Curcic (Novi Sad,
Serbia and Montenegro).

Digital post production of the project was coordinated by Eyal Danon 
of Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon.


Istanbul screening programme is hosted by NOMAD at Istanbul Bilgi 
University Dolapdere Campus - Theater


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