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BEYOND MEDIA 05. SCRIPT. The call for entries is online

Dear Franck Ancel,

we are happy to announce the call for entries for the next edition of BEYOND
MEDIA www.beyondmedia.it, international festival of architecture and media.

The festival, devoted to the most advanced visualizations in architecture
and to the debate on the relationships between the project and the media of
communication, will take place in Florence, Italy, December 1-11, 2005.
Promoted by the TAeD Department of the University of Florence, organized by
iMage www.image-web.org, and curated by Marco Brizzi, BEYOND MEDIA has been
constantly observing, since 1997, the development of the systems of
communication in the field of architecture by evaluating their impact on
contemporary architectural production and by promoting quality and research
in the development of communication media for design projects.

The theme for the 8th edition of BEYOND MEDIA is SCRIPT.

How can architecture today tell itself? Which narrative forms are linked to
the idea of the project, of its external expressions, of its publicity? How
does design structure its languages and how does it express the culture of
our times by means of a contemporary way of writing? Which paths do emerging
creatives follow in order to approach the new modes of expression which are
made possible by the digital tools and by the new media? SCRIPT will offer
an opportunity for thinking about a wide range of topics that are at the
center of the design culture today.

As it happened during the past editions of the festival, BEYOND MEDIA will
once again present the most interesting works of communication in
architecture. Each author of videos or works of communication in the field
of architecture can participate in the 2005 edition of the festival. We
expect submitted works to be recent productions by students, architects,
artists, specialized agencies. Participation is free of charge. It is
possible to submit videos, animations or multimedia works; each author can
submit more than one piece of work.

We invite you to visit the official website of BEYOND MEDIA
www.beyondmedia.it website, where you will find the call for entries and the
forms for participation. Deadline for submissions is September 30th, 2005.

iMage is in charge of the production and realization of the event.

iMage, viewpoints on architecture
via Scipione Ammirato 82, 50136 Firenze, Italy
tel: +39 055 666 316, fax: +39 055 624 1253
www.image-web.org, info at image-web.org

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