[artinfo] DIY SURVIVALí (There is no Subcultu re, only Subversion)

Geert Lovink [c] geert at xs4all.nl
Mon Aug 22 20:49:15 CEST 2005

>From: artwankers at c6.org
>DIY SURVIVAL (There is no Subculture, only Subversion).
>For everybody out there who has not replied yet but think of doing it:
>hurry up! the deadline for submission is 1st September 2005
>C6 invite submissions for a forthcoming publication on strategies,
>methods and techniques of DIY art practices. We are seeking
>innovative, critical and radical approaches to diverse art practice
>and organization focused on how to produce art unbound by market,
>commerce, and whitecubes. The aim is to produce a guide of tactical
>means for collective art making.
>We are looking for a wide range of perspectives, essays, case studies,
>artworks and interviews to articulate and promote the idea of self
>generative cultural events and the collective production of art.
>Contributions from artists, activists, cultural producers, and other
>related professionals are welcome.
>C6 wish to keep the possible topics vague enough for interpretation, a
>starting point may be:
>  Ethos, history and politics of DIY art and culture
>  Occupation of territories
>  Culture jamming, guerrilla art practices
>  Strategies of audience engagement
>  Tales of endurance, invention and uncompromising passion
>  Resistance and the creation of communities
>  Question of authorship/ownership in collaborative systems
>Keywords: community, digital, tactical, strategic, interactive,
>intervention, pervasive, collective, fine art sausage machine.
>Deadline for submission is 1st September 2005. Entries, comments and
>queries can be sent to diy at c6.org
>The book launch event will be on the 29th of October at the c6 show
>SOLD OUT in Cremer street Shoreditch London.
>We are currently looking at approximately a 60 page book, A5 black and
>white with limited graphics, printed in size 6 inches by 9 perfect
>bound (like a magazine spine).This edition will be presented at the c6
>show SOLD OUT in October.
>The book then will go to Print on demand where a prospective buyer
>will order the one copy he or she wants.  Price of the book online
>will be its cost price that stands at a 32.50 plus postage.
>The work will be a collection of articles, case studies and how to\'s
>about engaging the public using the strategies that are associated
>with tactical art. We are limited to the amount of graphics we can
>have but will consider them.
>Authors will receive a copy and can also distribute via the web
>ordering system that we will set up. This is about disseminating
>material via a print medium which we have found to be essential in
>reaching some people.
>Thank you for your interest we look forward to your submission.

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