[artinfo] (fwd)Jan van Eyck Production: Meta Haven Web Site Launch

Janos Sugar sj at c3.hu
Mon Aug 22 11:53:15 CEST 2005

>From: Jan van Eyck Academie <program at janvaneyck.nl>

>Meta Haven Web Site Launch
>Dutch resource on design, research, politics and nation branding

>Meta Haven is a research project known for its identity design for 
>the Principality of Sealand, located on a former war platform in the 
>North Sea hosting the world's first 'data haven', or lawless 
>information vault. Meta Haven - its name inspired from 'data haven' 
>- can now be found online at http://www.metahaven.net.
>Meta Haven's web site is conceived as an 'arch' of three web 
>windows, surrounding an empty centre through which the user looks at 
>his own desk top. Whereas the arch, uploaded with a 'rainfall' of 
>visual projects moving over the screen, functions as a developing 
>visual narrative, the web site's informational windows are in plain 
>HTML with a grey background.
>The web site contains an expanding array of hundreds of different 
>models, proposals, drafts and ideas (including proposals for 
>'Stealth' and 'Logo'-based approaches to identity). In addition, 
>Meta Haven's research into visual communication, politics and 
>history is featured in the form of essays, symposia, interviews and 
>The work of Meta Haven stands for a return to politics in Dutch 
>design. Meta Haven seeks to develop discourses and visual approaches 
>related to both resistance and power.
>As the project continues, the research team will put to use its 
>online presence at  http://www.metahaven.net  to further develop its 
>research. Meta Haven will also seek to actively expand its role to 
>new contexts.
>Meta Haven's founding team consists of Tina Clausmeyer, Vinca Kruk, 
>Adriaan Mellegers, and Daniel van der Velden. For the web site, Meta 
>Haven collaborated with web designer and programmer Maurits de 
>Meta Haven is based in Maastricht and Amsterdam. Its key source of 
>support is the Jan van Eyck Academie, Post-academic Institute for 
>Fine Art, Design and Theory, Maastricht, The Netherlands.
>Contact information
>E-mail office at metahaven.net  * Telephone +31 (0)6 24276797 / +31 (0)6 48316543
>Technical notice
>http://www.metahaven.net  draws on recent HTML techology. It is 
>highly recommended to view this web site with Mozilla Firefox 
>(latest version), Safari (latest version), or Internet Explorer for 
>Windows (latest version). Pop-ups should be allowed as the site 
>consists of multiple windows.
>If you have any questions regarding the mailing list, please contact 
>Madeleine Bisscheroux:
>madeleine.bisscheroux at janvaneyck.nl
>+31 (0) 43.350.37.29
>Jan van Eyck Academie
>Academieplein 1
>6211 KM Maastricht
>The Netherlands
>e info at janvaneyck.nl
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