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by way of Adele Eisenstein <adele at c3.hu> miu.de.vries at kunstgebouw.nl
Fri Aug 12 13:59:15 CEST 2005

Wanted: Artists for Arts Display Around the New N470 Road

Kunstgebouw is calling artists of all disciplines to help think about the 
set-up of a large arts display around the new N470 road. At the request of 
the province of Zuid-Holland, Kunstgebouw will organise an arts display, 
named "Echt Zien" ("Seeing for Real") from 2005 to 2008.

The N470 is a new provincial road, which will connect Delft, Zoetermeer and 
Rotterdam. The road runs straight through an area that will get 
increasingly busy in the next few years due to the large-scale construction 
of houses and industry, and therefore needs a new infrastructure. The 
province of Zuid-Holland will spend part of the budget for the N470 on art.

The cycling or car trip over the N470 should involve more than moving from 
one place to another: it should be an experience. This is Kunstgebouw's 
ambition, an ambition it endeavours to realise with the Echt Zien arts 
display. The arts display will increase the observer's awareness of the 
(rich) history of the area and the role of the road within the landscape. 
The art will invite the people to briefly look beyond known reality.
At the request of Kunstgebouw, columnist Bas Heijne formulated the point of 
departure of the Echt Zien display. Heijne makes a case for art that 
challenges people to experience every-day reality in a new way. We should 
be able to give the work of art an unsuspecting glance and experience a 
moment in which an apparently everyday reality does not look that banal 
after all. This way we do not just look at a work of art 'on a pedestal' 
somewhere, but instead the imagination is put to work, which means that we, 
through our own perception, experience the public space around it as a work 
of art.

Kunstgebouw is starting a new international recruitment campaign aimed at 
professional artists who (taking Bas Heijne's essay as the point of 
departure) can give shape to the Echt Zien display, based upon their own 
discipline. The design process will be part of the display. Artists who 
wish to be considered for entering an idea should send in their 
documentation before 19th September. Kunstgebouw will select the artists 
eligible to develop their ideas in October.

On www.echtzien.nl, you can find more detailed information about the arts 
brief, Bas Heijne's essay and the manifest of the arts display. These 
documents are in Dutch. For information in English, please contact 
Kunstgebouw, Miu de Vries, phone + 31 15 215 45 15 or e-mail 
miu.de.vries at kunstgebouw.nl.
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