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Master in Art and New Technologies - UEM Madrid
Theory and practice in Electronic Art and Digital Creation.
European University of Madrid - Universidad Europea de Madrid

The Master in Art and New Technologies at the European University of Madrid
aims to provide an education for artists and other creative professionals in
the area of new media. It attempts to concentrate on the application of
interactive systems, multimedia and networks to artistic projects, while
also focusing on analysis and criticism of these systems in current cultural
production. This course focuses especially on the relationships between Art
and Science and is based on a combination of theory and practice in the
fields of electronic art and digital creation.

It is designed to be of interest to graduates in 
Fine Art, Computing, Engineering, Audiovisual 
Communication and Architecture and professionals 
with training and relevant experience in these 

The course will place special emphasis on theory 
and practice relating to two areas:

- Networks: Internet (net.art and creation of web pages).

- Interactive Systems: Development of graphic and 
physical interfaces (electronic systems and 


I. General theory of electronic art (90 hours).

o History of the media and of electronic creation.

o Aesthetic theory and multimedia environments.

o Theories of the interface and Interactivity.

o Principal tendencies in digital design.

o Theory and methodology relating to criticism of digital arts.

o Artistic practices and new forms of activism.

o Relationships between artistic debates and scientific theory.

o Introduction to free software GNU-LINUX.

II. Practical Classes in digital multimedia creation (180 hours).

A) Networks: Internet (90 hours):

- Web page production and graphic interface design programs.

- Macromedia Dreamweaver

- Macromedia Flash

- Audio and video for Internet

- Introduction to programming: HTML and ActionScript

B) Interactive systems: Development of graphic 
and physical interface (90 hours):

- Electronic systems and sensors.

- Programs

- Macromedia Director

- Pure Data

- Max/MSP/Jitter

- Introduction to programming: Lingo

- Augmented Reality.

The contents of both these areas will be inter-related on a project basis.

III. Participation in events outside the University (30 hours approximately).

In order to foster contacts with the professional 
cultural world, student attendance or active 
participation at events outside the university 
will be organized.

IV. Tutored development of projects (200 hours of personal work).

V. Personal study with monitor support (minimum 150 hours).

Course Duration and Timetable

The master lasts eight months, from 19th of October to June 2006, and
follows an evening timetable, three days per week (Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday, from 3,30 p.m. to 7,30 p.m.). The submission of principal projects
takes place at the end of February and at the end of June, at the end of the
course. One more opportunity is offered to submit, for those who have not
done so earlier, at the end of July.

Occasionally, particular talks, workshops or 
visits to other institutions may take place on 
Monday or Tuesday.
In addition, complementary educational and 
instructive activities may be programmed outside 
the core timetable.

Location: The digital labs in the European 
University of Madrid, Villaviciosa de Ódón 
Campus, (Madrid)Spain.

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Tel: 34 - 902 361 301

Kepa Landa

Master en Arte y Nuevas Tecnologías. Universidad Europea de Madrid


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