[artinfo] VIDEOLOGIA Festival of Audio-Visual Arts, Volgograd, Russia

Marjan van Mourik webmaster at targetfound.nl
Wed Aug 10 02:03:33 CEST 2005

The 2nd International Festival of Audio-Visual Arts VIDEOLOGIA will take 
place in Volgograd, Russia in the 1st decade of November 2005.
Artists are invited to participate!
The festival debuted in 2004 and united authors working with videoart, 
experimental cinema, animation, VJ works and musical accompaniment to 
video. The international competition selection and hors concourse programs 
of international & Russian festivals & curators were demonstrated in the 
cinema hall for four days. Jury and audience evaluated official selection 
videos. Along with screenings ’ÄúVIDEOLOGIA 2004’Äù included video gallery, 
theoretical forums, concerts and performative actions in clubs. Works 
taking part in the selection were subdivided into two nominations according 
to the main conceptual lines of the festival:
Intersection of video with other arts (poetry, painting, photography, dance);
(V)ideological statement of an artist.
Developing their theoretical and artistic interest in omnipresence of the 
aesthetical and the seeming lack of taboos for art in contemporary culture 
curators of ’ÄúVIDEOLOGIA 2005’Äù link its key conceptual lines to the 
issues of the 1st festival. As the sample of das Gesamtkunstwerk, integral 
creative work, audio-visual art incorporates poetry, dance, theatre, 
photography and even the non-spectacular self-criticism. This claim for 
omnivorous wholeness is consonant to the events on the present 
sociopolitical scene, where alteration has become constancy. The ability of 
audio-visual works to underline the multitude of thematic elements & to act 
as digital pseudo-equivalent of the endless scope of modifications makes it 
the art of kinetic Becoming rather than the art of statuary Being. 
Dissonance and constraint caused by constant becoming in love, politics, 
theory, production, economy, technology and war are relieved in cathartic 
(v)ideological statements, in which audio-visual!
   becomes verbal and words turn into images.
We invite artists to participate in ’ÄúVIDEOLOGIA 2005’Äù with:
Experimental cinema and video
Video theatres
Video installations
Accompaniment to cinema
Works should be sent in PAL format.
VOB, DivX, MPEG4, XviD, FLASH, GIF, TIFF, BMP formats on DVD, CDR and VHS 
are accepted.
Duration of works should not exceed 30 minutes.
The panel of coordinators of the festival will view every video.
Only works created after January 1st, 2003 will be accepted.
The entry deadline is October 20, 2005.
The application form filling is required.
All deliveries from international participants should be marked: "no 
commercial value - for cultural purposes only".
Jury and audience will evaluate Works of the selection program.
Works, which will not take part in the selection program, will be included 
into curatorsĺ─˘ projects and into video gallery also taking place during 
the festival.

The submission forms can be found in the attached files and on the official 
site of the festival www.videologia.ru

Email to: volgafest at yandex.ru

Curators of the festival:
Nick Demidov           mob. +7-903-316-82-60       8(8442) 23-83-54
Alexander Dudnik     mob. +7-902-312-73-14       8(8442) 72-60-00
Yaroslav Khokhlov    mob. +7-905-392-38-59
Ilya Permyakov         mob. +7-903-478-67-38       8(8442) 35-40-40

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