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A living network of independent and complementary actions, all aimed
at the same goal: to foster and map out the electronic art output of
the southern scene. The Associação Cultural
Videobrasil's new website reveals the diversity and consistency of
the projects promoted by the organization after the Videobrasil
International Electronic Art Festival (Festival Internacional de Arte
Eletrônica Videobrasil). The home page is divided so as to enable
simultaneous headlines that lead to actions such as the annual
documentary film series Videobrasil Authors Collection (Videobrasil
Coleção de Autores), featuring digital essays on artists from the
southern scene; the FF>>Dossier, a monthly sequence of hotsites
dedicated to up-and-coming electronic artists; Videobrasil Online, an
extensive database of the area's output, the result of an ongoing
process of input and research; the festival itself, now approaching
its 15 th edition; as well as any other actions that may occur.

The Archive Compilarions link explains ACV's policies for promoting
pieces from its electronic art collection, which is one of the
largest of the genre in Latin America, featuring approximately four
thousand titles. The Network PCF link explains the work developed by
the Prince Claus Fund network, which is comprised of the Association
and four other organizations, and promotes cultural interchange
projects in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Designed in order to reflect a constantly diversifying and maturing
work, the new website enables artists, curators, researchers,
partners, and the general public to have easier access to the
contents of the most prominent electronic art reference center in
Brazil. The publishing of the Videobrasil Online database, to
which the ACV Website is linked, shall significantly enlarge the
amount of material available for user research.
One of the goals of the ACV is to deepen the mapping of the
southern scene output, as well as to multiply its partnerships with
other organizations in the area. Just as the Festival and the VCA
series, Videobrasil Online is carried out in partnership with SESC São Paulo.

av. imperatriz leopoldina #1150 cep.05305-002 são paulo sp brasil
tel: 55 11 3645 0516 fax: 55 11 3645 4802 e-mail: info at videobrasil.org.br

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