[artinfo] The Myth of Bolshevik

Armin Medosch armin at easynet.co.uk
Tue Aug 9 14:47:15 CEST 2005

In Memory of Franz Feigl
The Myth of Bolshevik

Network activists and friends of the medien.KUNSTLABOR 
want to travel by boat from Amsterdam to the Black Sea. Final 
destination of the
journey is the island St.Anastasia, formerly known as Bolshevik (1945 - 1990)
http://ostrov.mur.at/ . The boat is named after Franz Feigl, an 
Austrian artist and
network activist who lived in Amsterdam and died in 2001 at a young age.

The boat will record on its journey all open wireless lan access 
points. This activity,
if conducted by car, is called war-driving. The peaceful goals of the 
Motorship Franz
Feigl aim at highlighting the possibility of opening up networks and 
creating a free
infrastructure (see Funkfeuer http://www.funkfeuer.at/, Freifunk 
http://freifunk.net/ ,
Consume http://consume.net/).

The boat will also communicate via packet radio and pictures will 
regularly be sent
by GPRS to http://stroem.ung.at

MS Franz Feigl has already travelled from Amsterdam via Linz to 
Vienna. In Linz at
the wharf of the Times Up http://www.timesup.org/ collective repair 
work on the boat
was done. It has travelled safely from Linz to Vienna under 
captainship of Franz Xaver.

Tomorrow, Wednesday August 9, the MS Franz Feigl is due to leave for 
where it will arrive om Thursday or Friday. On Monday, August 15, it 
will arrive in Budapest.

The project is carried out in collaboration with 05-trov http://i-
and mobil.KUNSTLABOR.at

SMS Kontakt:
{HYPERLINK "mailto:boot at kunstlabor.at" }boot at kunstlabor.at

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