[artinfo] invitation

New Geographies Project map at betabelle.org
Sat Apr 30 10:44:59 CEST 2005

//  New Geographies Project > http://www.laberintos.org

>  laberintos.org, in collaboration with 
>betabelle.org, it summons to artists who are 
>interested in web art, they can participate in 
>the generation of on-line work proposals that 
>reflect, meditate and analyze the problems and 
>definition of new geographies. those new 
>geographies are understood as relations 
>generated from a globalized society (mobility, 
>space, territory, emergent geographies, 
>ubiquity, temporality, frontiers, and connected 

participation criteria:

1> unpublished work, produced on 2005, format: 
.gif, .jpg, .swf, .mov, .mpeg, .dir, .html, etc.

2 >there are two modalities:
a) the work can be hosted in the artistís site (without limit of size).
b) It could be hosted in our server, (if it is 
installed in laberintos.org, the work must be 
smaller than 500 kb).

3 > each artist can participate with up to 3 works.

4 > main topic: new geographies (mobility, space, 
territory, emergent geographies, ubiquity, 
temporality, frontiers, connected crowds)

5 > selected works will be part of the project during 2005 - 2006.

6 > you can send your proposals to our contact 
e-mail: info at laberintos.com.mx. please specify: 
name(s) of artist(s), name of work, link, date of 
production, country of origin.

7 > participants selected can cancel their participation whenever they want.

8 > there is not a deadline.

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