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New Course at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts (Magyar Kepzomuveszeti Egyetem, Budapest)

Open for both students & non students

English Language and Contemporary Art Toward Developing a Lexicon of Artistic Practice

Course Leader: David Wilkinson

The course is fee paying and will start Mid May. It will be a two-hour session once a week at the Academy. The course is open to anybody, however it should prove especially useful for artists and art professionals, who feel that his or her English is of a good level but needs a more intense specialist grounding in the terms and phraseology of art language in English.

This course will be an introduction to the use of spoken and written language within contemporary art practice with particular emphasis on the British art scene of the last twenty years. The aim of the course is to help students develop a clearer understanding of commonly used terms and expressions in relation to both the written and verbal experience's of the visual arts. Thus improving they're English language skills and enabling them to develop a lexicon toward their own art practice and contemporary art in general. Lectures will focus on how artists have defined their work through the spoken language and text through the use of specific examples, such as artist's interviews and reviews from such magazines as Frieze and Art Monthly.

The role of debate both written and verbal forms an important aspect in the creation of opinion and what we might term success. If an artist is unable to form opinion and debate around their work then in many ways the work may simply remain as unexplored matter. It is through both the experience of the art object and then the consequence sharing of this experience that we may begin to understand the role that contemporary art practice may play in our world today.

This course offers a dual possibility. The opportunity to improve your English both written and spoken and also the opportunity to begin to formulate words around ones practice that may help people understand what you are attempting to do. 

Toward the end of the session a trip will be arranged to London where students will have the opportunity to tour studios and galleries, meet, and talk with artists and curators based there.

Some examples of subjects we may deal with

1/ Why talk about art

2/ Words and expressions

3/ The artist's statement

4/ Catalogue essays

5/ Artists in Conversation/Interview

6/ Debunking the myth the YBA'S a different use of language

7/ Artist V's Curator a different turn of phrase

8/ How to develop a lexicon of language toward your own work

9/ Writing a statement about your art practice in English

David Wilkinson is an artist based in Budapest and London. He has worked in the exhibition department at both the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and at the Henry Moore Sculpture Trust in Yorkshire. He is exhibiting his works widely and had experience in art education for a number of years. He is currently the Creative Director of the TIPP Tihany Postgraduate Program.

Deadline for applications: 10 May 2005

For further information please contact: David Wilkinson, Course Leader                                                                         

e-mail: wilk at freestart.hu or tel: 1 201 5717

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