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Várnagy Tibor ligal at c3.hu
Mon Apr 25 19:48:20 CEST 2005

site specific / helyspecifikus
ideiglenes installaciok es interaktiv munkak budapesti koztereken /
Temporary installations and interactive works in the public space of

Liget Galeria
29.04.05 -29.05.05

Werner Degreif (Mannheim), Barbara Hindahl (Mannheim), hans w. koch 
(Koln), An Seebach (Dortmund), Maki Takano (Yokohama), Veronika Witte 

opening/megnyito: 2005 aprilis 29-en, 18 oratol
bemutatara kerul Volz / Haude video
Liget Galeria 1146-H Budapest, Ajtosi Durer sor 5.

a kiallitas megtekintheto 2005 aprilis 29 - majus 29-ig kedd 
kivetelevel naponta 14-18 oraig

a kiallitast kisero rendezvenyek:

a Prell
valamint a
Hans W. Koch - Kovacs Zsolt - Sores Zsolt trio koncertje
2005. aprilis 30-an szombaton 20 oratol a MAMU Galeriaban
1071-H Budapest, Damjanich u. 39. (Lejarat a Muranyi utcabol.)
A belepes ingyenes!
Info: Sores Zsolt 06-30-435-0046, sores at iti.mta.hu

Beszelgetes a muveszekkel / artists talk:
moderator: Balint Monika
2005 majus 1-en 17 oratol a Liget Galeriaban

a rendezveny megvalositasat tamogatta a Pola Art Foundation es a 
Marli Hoppe Ritter Kunststiftung
With kind support of Pola Art foundation
The project was kindly made possible by Marli Hoppe Ritter Kunststiftung

site specific is a non-commercial exhibition project that takes place in
the public space or relates to other functionary places of Budapest.
  The concepts for this project will be realised with the direct
experience of the town, of its situations and inhabitants. The
participating artists are each interested in connecting art with
every-day-life. With completely different means and under completely
different art positions, one experimental musician and five artists make
transformations of parts of the every-day-life. The aims of their
transactions, too, are different.
  Involving real places, real time and what really happens, they move
processes in the every-day-life of the people. The interventions shall
give something to start one thinking / push the mind, and break up well
worn patterns of action and perception.

  In this case, art means intervention. For some of the works goes: no
art without the acteur (= the viewer) (Maki, Takano, hans w. koch,
Veronika Witte, Barbara Hindahl), others make visible hidden structures
with interventions (An Seebach) or hint to the private area of (not-)
feeling and -thinking (Werner Degreif) - both are formative for the
character of the public life and at the same time preconditions for the
functioning public life that are often denied.

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