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T H E M E S : :

Copyright, Creative commons
Open Source Radio
Community Media
Network Streaming

P R O G R A M : :

Friday, 29.04.
14 . 18. 00 Closed workshop

Saturday, 30.04.
14.00 . 14.05 Opening, Edit Blaumann, editor of Tilos Rádió (Hu)

14.05 . 14.24 Balázs Weyer, member of Tilos Rádió.s board (Hu)
Content and context, case study: Tilos Rádió

14. 25 . 14.45 Thomas Kreiseder, editor, organiser and producer at Radio FRO 
The wide range between international networking and local impact.
Taking the example of Radio FRO (Linz, Austria) to break down community media 

14.45 . 15.15 Balázs Bodó, media researcher at Budapest University of 
Technology and Economics
editor at Tilos Rádió (Hu)
Creative commons and community radios - cc is no use for us?

15.15 . 15.30 Discussion

15.30 . 15.45 Coffee break

15.45 . 16.05 Ákos Maróy, editor at Tilos Rádió, developer of LiveSupport at 
LiveSupport - an open source radio programming support tool

16.05 . 16.25 Guy van Belle, network streaming artist, mxHz.org, Tesla Berlin
2WR/LISTme [two-way-radios:language is sound to my ears]

16.25-16.45 Patrcik McGinley, editor at Resonance FM, (UK)
Phonography/field recording; contextual and decontextualized sound activity

16.45 . 17.00 Discussion

The program is subject to change.

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