[artinfo] Ph.D. Scholarship: investigating art in software - software in art

Espen Gangvik espen at gangvik.no
Wed Apr 20 23:31:39 CEST 2005

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Ph.D. Scholarship: investigating art in software - software in art.

One Ph.D. scholarship is offered in the area of software engineering at the
Department of Computer and Information Science (IDI) in the Faculty of
Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering, The
Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The research context of this work is to empirically investigate software
developed for artistic purposes. More information about this context can be
found at http://www.idi.ntnu.no/~letizia

We look for a candidate who has a master degree in informatics or similar
and have strong enough marks to be accepted as a PhD. The ideal candidate
can document knowledge, experience and reflection around research methods
and their application to empirical investigations in public or industrial

Non Scandinavian speaking persons can apply provided they can document
willingness to learn Norwegian language and culture. The candidate will be
affiliated to IDI. The candidate will have to be resident in Trondheim.

Award holders at NTNU are normally appointed for 4 years with 25 % of the
time spent on specified work. This work is primarily linked to teaching and
is usually divided so that a relatively larger part is done in the first
half of the period of the appointment.

Further information about the award can be obtained from: Professor Letizia
Jaccheri, telephone: +47 91897028, E-mail: letizia at idi.ntnu.no

See also the information about doctoral studies at NTNU at

The positions are remunerated according to salary levels 40-61 in the
national salary scheme, gross NOK 296.800-429.000 per annum, of which 2 % is
deducted for the State Pension scheme. The salary will be decided after
discussion with the employer.

The appointment will be made in accordance with the current regulations
dated 10.06.03 with supplementary rules of 08.09.04 with guidelines for
scholarship appointments in universities and polytechnics. The goal of the
announced positions is to obtain a PhD degree. Applicants must agree to
participate in organised doctoral study programmes within the period of the
appointment. The successful applicant must agree to the conditions laid down
for public employees. A contract will be drawn up regarding the period of
appointment and work-related duties for award holders.

The national labour force must reflect the composition of the population to
the greatest possible extent. It is therefore a major political objective to
achieve a balance of age and gender and to recruit persons with an immigrant
background. Immigrants are encouraged to apply for this post.

NTNU wants to increase the proportion of women in its scientific posts.
Women are encouraged to apply.

The application must contain information about education, examinations and
previous experience. Certified copies of testimonies and documents must be

Three copies of publications and any other work which the applicant wishes
to be taken into account should also be enclosed. Joint works will be
considered. If it is difficult to specify the input of the applicant in a
joint work, a short summary should be attached outlining the applicant’s

The applicants should also submit a short description of the research s/he
intends to carry out during the period of the scholarship, drawn up in
co-operation with the institute.

The application should be sent to the Norwegian University of Science and
Technology, Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical
Engineering, Sem Sælands vei 9, NO- 7491 Trondheim, Norway. Applications
should be marked IME-019 Closing date: 2005.05.20 

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