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please find below an announcement of our Radiator Festival for New
Technology Art and related Symposium to take place in December in
Nottingham. Our focus in this 3rd edition is new media related to
performance and other forms of live work.
As we are currently in the planning stage where things are still flexible,
we would appreciate any feedback, ideas or input.
Shortly to follow will be a call for submissions for 5 artists' commissions.

best regards,
anette schäfer
miles chalcraft

trampoline/radiator festival

phone uk ++44-(0)115-840 92 72
phone germany ++49-(0)30-9700 4850

+++ Radiator Digital Cultures Series 2005 +++

With 2 major events taking place simultaneously, Radiator will feature
current innovative artistic approaches in the field of digital arts:

The Radiator Festival for New Technology Art

Radiator and Digital Cultures Symposium on Performance, Dance, and
Technology Art

Radiator Festival for New Technology Art
+++ Dec 1st - 4th 2005

The Radiator Festival for New Technology Art is offering a diverse programme
of new artists' commissions, exhibition, performances, installations,
screenings, Trampoline platform events as well as workshops, artists' talks,
music events and much more.

Run by Trampoline, the Radiator Festival takes place every 2nd year in
Nottingham. Involving partners from throughout the East Midlands, the
festival also retains a strong link to Trampoline's 2nd home, Berlin. As a
local hub for digital arts activities, Radiator aims to promote digital arts
in the region while at the same time instigating exchange by inviting
UK-wide and international artists to Nottingham.

At the heart of the festival's programme lies a commissioning scheme,
producing 5 new pieces of professional high quality new media artwork.

+++ Radiator Artists' Commissions

In this season Radiator is particularly focusing on live elements within new
media art exploring new forms of interaction between artist, viewer and

As digital media become seamlessly integrated in our living environments, we
are experiencing a shift towards a 'mixed reality' made up of the physical
world we live in and the 'data-layer' found in networks, wireless
frequencies, software and hardware intrinsically interwoven with our
culture. Digital media are no longer limited to locatable access points,
instead areas void of this data-layer are increasingly hard to find.

The work we are looking for places itself in our everyday environments,
reflecting the new social and public spheres that have evolved. It is
artistic practice that embraces an innovative, creative usage of new
technologies such as wireless networks, locative media, live streaming,
immersive and triggered environments, and mixed realities. It is an
interdisciplinary practice that combines these technologies with a live
element - performance, live art or interactive participation.

The commissions will be advertised shortly on www.radiator-festival.org

Radiator and Digital Cultures Symposium on Performance, Dance, and
Technology Art
+++ Dec 2nd - 4th 2005

This three day international symposium aims to bring into focus artistic
practices of live performance that make use of digital technology in the
form of lens based, networked or locative media.

Due to the abundance and accessibility of previously unaffordable
technologies, new possibilities have been experimented with and new practice
has developed. Real time transmission of observable, transcodable data and
the ability of extending the reach of one's hand across the globe have
created entirely new stages on which artists can play. At the same time, new
techniques have extended body perception through the sensory apparatus of
the computer creating new physicalities to explore.

With this the simultaneity of space has evaporated and so performer and
audience can be separated by day and night, by outside and inside, by
mountains of geographic data. On a global stage, artists from different
geographies can enter transcontinental collaborations raising the question
of how the digitisation of the arts has transformed cultural traditions and

In the process of unraveling its many aspects, present practice will be used
to divine and debate future developments and questions will arise about this
new practice:

- What interfaces are being used and developed? What new stages have been
experimented with?
- How does the increased possibility for interaction affect the outcome of
the work?
- How does the notion of live-ness change or what multi-facetted notions of
live-ness are we dealing with here?
- What are the changes in the relationship between performer and spectator?

The Symposium will bring together leading practitioners, developers,
scientists and theorists from the disciplines that make up new media
performance including live art, locative and pervasive media, telematics,
performance and dance, wearable, sensor based and cybernetic technologies.

The symposium is a collaboration between the Radiator Festival for New
Technology Art (Miles Chalcraft and Anette Schäfer, Trampoline) and the
Digital Cultures Lab of Nottingham Trent University (Johannes Birringer).

+ Symposium Registration:

Full weekend    £ 100.00    (concessions    £70.00)
Single Day    £   37.50    (concessions   £25.00)
Early Birds - Full weekend    £   80.00    (concessions   £55.00)

Early Bird registration (before September 30th)

Registration costs for the conference events do not include travel or
accommodation. The organisers are happy to offer hotel suggestions and/or
facilitate room/ride sharing.
Digital Cultures Lab in Dance-Technologies
+++ Nov 28th - Dec 1st 2005

Digital technologies challenge our techniques of performance, customary
perceptions of culturally embodied knowledge and sensory processing, and
assumptions about choreography, composition, and the relations between
maker, performer, and audience.

The central aim of this international lab meeting in November-December 2005
is to take stock of the evolution of contemporary dance-technology, and
develop a new understanding of interaction design and physical computing in
the dance field through critical engagement with the consequences of
interactivity on living cultural traditions of performance.

We shall ask: whether interactive performance and other systems of
technology-based creativity have become an instance of collaborative
culture, beyond aesthetic conventions of concert dance, and how interactive
media blur distinctions between performer and audience/user, between
performance, play, ritual, game and utility.
The Lab, inviting practitioners from South America, China, Japan, Canada,
Australia, Africa, the US and Europe to come together for a week, seeks to
create an inter-active space predicated on trans-cultural questions about
cultural traffic, how the new dance travels (with technologies), how
technologies travel to and into bodies, what is inflected, stimulated,
aroused, what new knowledge is gained, what ancestral knowledge continued
and transformed.

The Digital Cultures Lab, organised by Johannes Birringer (Live Art,
Nottingham Trent University) is a closed event for international invited
guests followed by the Radiator and Digital Cultures Symposium on
Performance, Dance, and Technology Art, a 3 day series of lectures,
presentations and discussions open to all artists, practitioners,
researchers, theorists, developers, scientists and the public.

+ Contact Details:

Symposium Registration / Information and Radiator Festival Information:
Anette Schäfer / Miles Chalcraft
Trampoline / Radiator Festival
info at trampoline-berlin.de

Digital Cultures Lab in Dance-Technologies:
Johannes Birringer
johannes.birringer at ntu.ac.uk
Live Art - Digital Research
Nottingham Trent University
Victoria Studios - Shakespeare Street
Nottingham  NG1 4FQ    UK
+44 (0) 115 848 2282

Radiator 2005 is supported by:

Arts Council England
EM Media
UK Film Council

anette schäfer

trampoline/radiator festival

phone ++49-(0)30-9700 4850

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