[artinfo] H2PTM'05 - Create, Play, Exchange: network experiences

Bernhard Rieder b at procspace.net
Sat Apr 16 16:39:53 CEST 2005

Call for Contributions H2PTM'05

H2PTM'05 - Create, Play, Exchange: network experiences
november 29th, 30th, december 1st 2005
Universite Paris 8 - Paris, France


This 8th edition of the H2PTM (hypermedias, hypertexts, products, tools,
methods) conference series restates the now classic themes that initiated
the first conference and since confirm its continuity. With attention to
recent developments, however, it progressively expands the thematic area
into several directions.

Hypermedia tools are above anything else instruments of creation and it
is hypermedia where the new products and works of the digital universe
are created. The conference thus accords a large part to the problems of
product development and artistic creation. It emphasizes - among other
things - the question of the "digital author". The fast paced development
of 3D, animation, and interaction technologies stirs at the same time an
interest in video and computer games which will be part of H2PTM this
year. The conference will also tackle the question of "sharing", which
lies at the heart of network practices. Finally, it will closely examine
the notion of the digital document from the point of view of its
creation, transmission and conservation.

Having arrived at a point of maturity, the conference seeks to establish
a perspective on the evolution of its centers of interest and - after a
lot of experimentation - to come back to the question of experience. This
concept will therefore play the role of a red line: user experience,
author experience, capitalized experience, lived experience, transmitted
experience; this way, the anthropological dimension of hypermedia will be
examined and underlined.

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