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mandrill brokkoli tilman at onomastik.de
Tue Apr 5 19:53:04 CEST 2005

Scan your Skin. A research project exploring a simple but thorny subject: 
our skin.
  We would like to put together a group of people who can contribute to the 
project with high-quality creative input.

  Please read below a short description of this initiative. I'd be glad if 
you could join us. Please let me know if you'd like to participate in this 
adventure with your work and interpretation of the project theme

  Feel free to distribute this message to other people whom you think may 
find it interesting and relevant.
  Thank you for your time and attention.

  Best wishes,
Lionello Borean

SyS > Scan your Skin
Book, web site and offline project

  Call for ideas and proposals

  Our skin is our vulnerable shell. It protects us and characterizes each 
one of us as an individual. Besides its physical attributes, our skin 
conveys differences between people; it takes on ancestral, historical, 
cultural and political implications. As time flows on, it carves more signs 
and meanings on our skin.

  SyS wants to explore this territory from different points of view. 
Creative personalities will suggest artistic interpretations of the project 
message, thus offering their own reading of the human skin. Photography, 
graphic arts, the written word; a bold, abstract approach or a sober and 
realistic one - each contribution will be a key component of this 
multifaceted jigsaw puzzle. The goal is to build a well-structured picture 
of human skin as a concept/research object. The final work will be 
published in a book and distributed to selected retailers all over the world.

  Artists, writers, designers and cultural producers: we are calling you! 
Send us your work! (Format: 1 to max. 8 pages; approx. size: 17x24 
cm./6.70x9.45 in.). It can be anything from a photo or photo 
series/sequence, to graphic work, a story, an article or a poem.
As the book will include a DVD, please feel free to send us also multimedia 
content (sounds, animations, movies, etc.).
  (deadline: March 31, 2005).  Extended! New deadline: May 31, 2005

  We plan to organize a number of offline happenings and events to support 
and promote the book, and to link it to an ad-hoc web site: the "Scan your 
Skin" online project is under construction right now (check it out on 
www.scan-skin.org, coming soon.)

HumanTone ©
the ScanYourSkin reference book.

  join the project, send us your skin

  We invite everybody to join this project: the purpose is to create a 
massive database including as many different skin characteristics as possible.

  Send us a sample of your skin as an image JPEG file (please follow the 
instructions below): we're preparing "HumanTone", a complete reference book 
of human skin tones and hues as an ironic support to the ScanYourSkin website.

  Please join this part of the project by adding your skin and distribute 
this message.


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