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Myriam Thyes myriam at thyes.com
Mon Apr 4 10:37:44 CEST 2005

OUTVIDEO Ekaterinburg

International video-art festival in public spaces
Festival team invites artists working with video, animation
and new media to participate in the project.

Festival dates: June 5 - July 5, 2005
Festival place: Ekaterinburg, Russia

Theme: Projections of senses ­ each artist projects senses on the screen
(senses of things, senses of conditions,  senses of acts, senses of
feelings, senses of attitudes), corrects there where they are deformed,
clears up there where they are not clear, returns senses there where
they are lost.

The idea of the festival is to integrate contemporary video art into the
public spaces of Ekaterinburg city. The festival public screenings will
happen on outdoor video screens network of "IgRek Cinema" company,
7 city screens located in the most busy spots. Selected video art works
will be shown during one month each day in the pauses between commercial
blocks, altogether around 240 screenings per day on each screen.
There are only two formal requirements to video works: LENGTH - 30
SECONDS, NO SOUND.The festival will end with the  two nights video
screenings of  the entire festival program  on all 7 city screens.
The closing ceremony will include presentation of the best works in a
cinema theater.

Awards: There is only one special prize from Administration of City
Ekaterinburg planned.
"Ekaterinburg: City on the border of Europe & Asia" ­ nomination devoted
to reflecting in artworks thems of human life at the virtual border,
human & cultural exchanges between Europe & Asia, local & global notions
Authors whose works will be chosen for screening on the outdoor video
screens network will receive by mai special edition of DVD catalogue
with registration of translation theirs works on outdoor video screens
network in "documentation" section & CD with photo & video registration
files ready to use After the end of the festival all participants will
receive the festival DVD catalogue by mail.

The amount of the applications from one participant is not circumscribed
(see OV2005_entry.doc, OV2005_entry.pdf ). Only one work from each
author will be selected for public outdoor screening. All necessary
information and application forms you can receive on the web-site of the
www.artpolitika.ru/outvideo (working from March 30)
or by e-mail outvideo at pochta.ru
or by telephone/fax  +7 (343) 3727964, 3747318
Contact: Arseny Sergeev ­ curator of festival
For participating in project:
Send confirmation of your participation to e-mail outvideo at pochta.ru ,
in confirmation please indicate your name, e-mail, telephone or fax (we
can send application form by fax, if necessary) and supposed quantity of
video works.
Fill entry form for each video work. Each file of entry form should be
named by your last name and number of work, e.q. smitson1.RTF, smitson
2.RTF smitson 3.RTF etc. Each video work should be named with same
manner e.q. smitson1.AVI, smitson 2.AVI, smitson 3.AVI etc.
Send your preview file (Image resolution in pixels (by horizontal & by
vertical) ­ 320x240, please don’t use rare or ‘exotic’ codecs), entry
form, your photo & stills of works to e-mail: outvideo at pochta.ru
Please place on your FTP or send your final works (image resolution
720x576 PAL or 720x480 NTSC, please don’t use rare or ‘exotic’ codecs)on
MiniDV tapes (PAL only) or on digital carriers  with attached printed &
signed entry forms, photo & stills on CD to 620080 Еkaterinburg,
Kominterna 20, office 43. You can send your video works to e-mail:
outvideo at pochta.ru (be sure if final file size of your work will be
greater than 4Mgb, you must cut it into parts & send them in separate
letters). We can download your work by FTP (in that case we need FTP
address & instructions to download your files)

Technical details - ATTENTION!
Total length (without titles, titles will be having standard design for
all works) of each video work should be 30 seconds maximum.
We accept works on digital carriers CD-R, DVD (PAL & NTSC) & magnetic
carriers: miniDV (PAL only)
Works will be screened on outdoor video screens network will have
resolution 320x240 pxls (please think about reducing resolution ­ some
small details may be lost). On DVD catalogue we include works in full
resolution 720x576 pxls PAL. So we need at minimum full resolution
versions all of your works in final (miniDV preferable).

Technical guidelines for works on digital carriers:
Format ­ *.avi (video for WINDOWS) or *.qtm *.mov (QuickTime
Interchangable), *.swf, *.fla (Macromedia Flash)
Frames rate ­ 25 fps, no sound
Colour palette PAL (preferable) or NTSC (will be converted to PAL)

Deadline for works sent via e-mail & FTP: May 29, 2005
Deadline for works sent via post: May 10, 2005 (postmarked)

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