[artinfo] call for entries: CIMATICS is an international festival and platform for live audiovisual art & vj-ing.

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Tue Apr 5 12:09:55 CEST 2005

Call for Entries

CIMATICS is an international festival and platform for
live audiovisual art & vj-ing. The  festival aims to
promote innovative and outstanding productions in the
field of  audiovisual performance, vj-ing and
interactive installations, as well as gathering recent
  artistic and technical developments in order to
present it to a general public.

CIMATICS presents productions that explore performance
concepts and the interaction  between different media
formats in an innovative manner and view. It
encourages the  crossover of institutional, academic
and sub cultural contexts as well as interdisciplinary
  work between art forms, media techniques and

CIMATICS.05 is focussing on "context". Audiovisuals
give us the most important  perspective on the
contemporary, global society. If culture is an
interface to the world,  than this is for the greater
part audiovisual. Audiovisuals don't only seem to
represent  our environment. They are our environment.
That's why these media, and especially an
experimental or critical approach to them, are so

  Often audiovisuals are used  in very conformist ways,
caused by various dogmas of  different contexts in
which they are produced: Mass-media journalism or
individual  mobile communication pretend to be
objective; Entertainment insinuates, with its
artificial outlook on the world, to be gratuitous and,
last but not least: Art still seems to  strive for its
purest form: l'art pour l'art. The question may rise
if any of these diverse  cultural contexts can even
exist in their pure form.

  Keeping in mind the benefits for the further
development of our towering audiovisual  environment
and all its consequences, the festival likes to invite
projects with liberated,  form-transgressing
experimental approaches of the audiovisual structure.

CIMATICS.05 focuses on live audiovisual performances,
as they are a very direct and  rigorous integration of
the experiment. In analogy with live performances the
festival  itself wants to perform action by embedding
or integrating the selected projects into the  public
mind and encourages entries that are aiming at the
same goal.    CIMATICS.05 wants to stimulate
experimental explorations on this field. Therefore the
  festival will invite different artists to collaborate
in some well-defined projects such as  mobile
audiovisuals, broadcasting, mass/high/sub-culture,...
But we do welcome your  proposals.    CIMATICS
festival is an organisation of Les P'tits Belges vzw
in collaboration with Visual  Kitchen vzw & Boups

:: better media through mischief::
                     Josephine LiPuma aka jl pooky


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