[artinfo] Call for Network related art

Shannon Clark shannon at meshforum.org
Tue Apr 5 14:09:43 CEST 2005

Hello all,

I am the organizer of MeshForum 2005 - May 1-4th, Chicago
(http://www.meshforum.org). As part of our program of speakers and
panelists on Networks, we will also be presenting a series of
"Interstitials" between sessions at MeshForum. These "Interstitials"
will be short films, electronic art, series of images, or interactive
art presentations with a Network theme.

We welcome submissions and suggestions for art we should present to 
our attendees.


For most, should be presentable in < 15 minutes in a compelling manner
(visual and/or audio). Pure text art while interesting would generally
not be good, nor would highly interactive unless viewable by a large group.

We have limited capacity to display installations or ongoing electronic
works during the course of MeshForum, only one or two such works will be
selected, in contrast we have space for up to 10 or more shorter films
or other short pieces.

Should relate to Networks, but we are very open to creative
interpretations of what "networks" are. Project can use networks, be
about networks, reference networks, etc.

Submission deadline is April 15th, 2005.

Art will be selected by April 22nd, 2005. If selected, artists should be
prepared to submit art electronically to shannon at meshforum.org and/or 
via mail to:

333 W. North Ave #160
Chicago IL 60610

In addition to the art, artists are welcome to provide an electronic
copy of text to provide to all attendees about the artist and how to
reach them. If preferred, artists may submit pre-printed postcards or
other printed materials in a quantity of at least 300.

A full program for MeshForum can be seen at

Hope to see you or your work at MeshForum 2005 in May in Chicago.


Shannon Clark
Founder, MeshForum
"Connecting Networks"

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