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vagRearg vagrearg at colordepth.com
Mon Sep 27 18:30:56 CEST 2004

Art Keywords
An attempt start a self-growing, collaborative encyclopedic
dictionary that would approach central concepts, keywords, terms,
and definitions related to 21st century art.

Call for entries

The Art Keywords aspire to create a place for the data and
information exchange where the combination of theoretical,
mediative and artistic (poetic) definitions comes from the need
to establish different approaches to formation of art definition.

We ask for artists, curators, critics and cultural mediators
to submit terms and concepts relevant to their own approach to art,
defined textually (definitions, articles, references, etc.)
or through a media item (image, video, sound etc.)

The project will operate on ongoing basis, with an initial
version launched by January 2005.

Sala-Manca Group and vagRearg

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