[artinfo] [fringe] call for shorts

Sue Huang sue at knifeandfork.org
Tue Oct 19 12:31:13 CEST 2004

On November 3rd, [fringe] will have a viewing night presenting short films
and video made both in and outside Sweden.

Any video or film project that is shorter than 5 minutes is eligible.
[fringe] is not responsible for damage or loss of any entry. Submission of
an entry acknowledges the right of [fringe] to use it for exhibition and

Entries may be submitted in the following formats: Web site URL,
Macintosh-or PC-based CD-ROMS, ZIP cartridges or DVD-ROMs. Please include:
your name, email address, mailing address, a short 50-100 word bio, entry
title, running time, and year of production. Note that the piece must be no
longer than five minutes in duration. Deadline for submissions is October

Please send works to:
Margot Jacobs
c/o PLAY Interactive Institute
Hugo Grauers Gata 3b
41296 Gothenburg Sweden
or email to:
Sue Huang {sue at knifeandfork.org}.

[ fringe ] is a Göteborg collective of all those who can't stop making and
creating works that involve or incorporate new media, emerging technologies,
and/or electronic art and design. [ fringe ] gives local artists and
designers a space for showing and sharing their work with the community here
in Göteborg, Sweden.

{ http://play.tii.se/projects/pps/fringe/ }

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