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   Dear Friends,


   What about a great, new, and original a   by Flash Art's team, to be called   like any usual fair, as   exhibition) during the pe   



   Why not an   

   A new and original formula, in a format betwe   exhibition. It will not be a silly, futile, and im   competitor to ARTE FIERA (the leading art fair in Italy) but   it will be a logical complement to the strong and growing dem   that Arte Fiera cannot alone fulfill. This is clearly shown by    example of the greatest fairs worldwide (Basel, New York, Miami,    London), where alongside the large art fairs, smaller complementary f   airs have emerged, which in some cases (such as Liste in Basel) funct   ion precisely as fuel to the major fair. Bologna Flash Art Show<   /B> will be held between the 27 and 30 January 2005, (during Arte Fie   ra with which it should generate a great synergy) in a very good hote   l close to the Central Station. Each gallery or curator will have a   t their disposal one or more rooms in which to propose individual or    collective shows of young artists.




   This Newsletter serves as an invit   (including those galleries participat   like to take part in the Bologna Flas   show of one of their artists or a gro   occasion, in a centrally  located hote   Station. If this initiative interests you, c   


   A low cost opportunity for g   

   The Bologna Flash Art Show is at low cost (2   nights for a room, 1.400 for a second room, 1.   that is, a gallery taking 2 rooms will spend 3.400   will cost 4.700 euros). All this in a luxury   use the rooms both for exhibiting as well as acc   

   Why    at an   Bol   



   For boo   
   Mobile: 0039 338 879 29 37;&nb   




   (Flash Art will be at stand M6 at London's Frieze Art Fair and at
   stand VP5 at    information fr   



   I send    


   Giancarlo P   


   Do contact me for any suggestions or advice rega   



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