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Thu Oct 7 22:54:03 CEST 2004

From: Lucia Pecoraro <lucia at avision.it>
Subject: Avision
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 11:20:38 +0200



A new online journal dedicated to aesthetic research into the 
contemporary use of the image

Launch date:	Friday, 15th October, 2004
Venue:		Avision.it website
Time:		6pm (Italian time)

The first journal born with the aim of investigating the various 
aspects of communication by images, Avision.it will cover the 
contemporary art world and its products, without excluding from its 
investigations either such historical perspectives as allow a better 
overview of the contemporary, or such theory-based contributions as 
can help to better understand its sense and meaning. The growth of 
Avision.it is yet to be mapped and planned, but its intention is to 
reflect the lightness and the clarity that communication via the web 
both allows and demands.

As a space, Avision.it aims from the start to contribute to the 
diffusion of a "culture of the image", and at the same time to help 
develop an open debate on contemporary use of the images themselves.

To this end, and among other things...

\\ Avision.it will produce and make openly available an archive of 
both written and video interviews with prominent figures from the 
world of the arts and the image

\\ Avision.it will present low-attention-span ready-meals of 
information for the culture-rich yet time-poor spectator, via the 
s.m.o. (Short Message On-line) pages

\\ Avision.it will select and publish articles of interest, whether 
written by avision staff or by visitors to the site

\\ Avision.it will dedicate space to reviews of exhibitions and 
events that themselves aim to develop the concept of the "image" and 
its interpretation. There will also be openings in this section for 
discussion with event curators.

\\ Avision.it will provide a gallery of work by artists who use the 
expressive languages of photography, video,...

We hope that our project and our belief that communication by images 
is worthy of particular attention, spark interest in all those who 
feel they would like to contribute and participate to this critical 
debate. To send us material, or to receive further information from 
Avision.it, please contact:

elena at avision.it
Editor & Director
lucia at avision.it
Editor - Interview Section - Press
gloria at avision.it
Editor - Review Section
thomas at avision.it
Marketing, Partnerships & Graphic Design
info at avision.it
Free insertions, comments & suggestions

via San Sebastiano 21 , Bassano (VI) 36061, Italy

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