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Fri Nov 26 16:59:31 CET 2004

Kedves Kollega, 

szeretettel varjuk a Center for Arts and Culture (CEU) kovetkezo eloadasan, melyet a roman perfoming art egyik legfontosabb kepviseloje, Ion Grigorescu tart december 1-en a CEU-n, delutan 5-kor a Popper Teremben.

Dear Colleague,
The Center for Arts and Culture cordially invites you to the lecture of 
Ion Grigorescu (Bucharest)
Lessons of Ceausescu's Reign

Ion Grigorescu is one of the most interesting and significant Romanian contemporary artists, an author who is deeply involved in both experimental art and in the revival of the tradition of Christian-Orthodox spirit, using poverty-stricken devices that are justified by each of the two directions. He is also one of the first artists to have approached conceptual art in Romania in the early 1970s, using photography and film as important conceptualistic mediums. In the '80s he proved to be one of the few genuine dissidents, obviously displaying the symbols of oppression; his supreme pessimism, bordering on the morbid, reminds of the Wiener Aktionismus. Photos, photographic installation, performance, film and painting are "documents" illustrating the experiences of the artistic ego in searching to define the self and the relation with the Divinity passing from Tantra Yoga to the regaining of Orthodoxy. Grigorescu was present in major exhibitions such as "Wanderlieder"-Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Sao Paolo Biennial; "The Artistic Ego and the Dillemas of Postcomunist Age," Bratislava; "Le Corps Photographie-La Filature" Mulhouse; Venice Biennial.

This academic year, the Center for Arts and Culture offers a course, titled From Poverty to Misery - Representations of a Social Phenomenon in East-Central European Literature, Drama and Films, by László Krasznahorkai, Hungarian novelist together with some regional participants. The course aims at examine, among others, the regional traditions, images and representations of poverty, combining literary and film interpretations with social sciences. 

December 1, 2004 * 5 p.m. Popper Room
Central European University, 1051 Budapest, Nádor 9.

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