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- a dialogue between the East and the West

Conference from 03.- 05 th of December 2004

Academy for Cultural Education, Rosenwall 17, D - 38300 Wolfenbuettel, Germany

The Federal Academy for Cultural Education Wolfenbuettel and the 
German Artist Association

Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation

The conference aims to the professionalisation of Artistic Strategies
regarding to the cultural dialogue between Eastern and Western Europe.
With regards to the contents this conference intends to deal with the
radical social change and the fast development of the artistic and
cultural scene of five countries in East and South-East Europe
(Bulgaria, Serbia, Slowenia, Hungary and Poland), presenting and
discussing the different political, economical, social and cultural
conditions of production, exhibition and reception, supporting programs,
travel scholarships and possibilities of exchange for artists.
The lecture of Barbara Steiner shows that the term "Eastern europe" is
an abstract and political construction, which concerns less with
topographical borders than with pictures of imagination, assessments and
mechanism of in- and exclusion of the postcommunistic countries. The
process of national idendity finding will be demonstrated by discussing
the part of art and culture in this process. It is also a contradiction
between "national identity" and "global art-discussion" and the
relevance of the art and the artists.
Important and fundamental for the conference "Dialogue between the East
and the West" is to destignate the cultural differences in these
countries and to reflect differentiately the political, economical and
artistical practises. Therefore we will invite artists, curators and
collaborators of institutions, which participate both in the Western and
Eastern context.
A moderated panel discussion marks the end of the conference, which aims
at a network by achieving and discussing specific questions and
possibilities of artistic professionalisation.


Friday, 3rd of december 04

16.00   Welcome Reception
        Dr. Sabine Baumann, Federal Academy for Cultural Education Wolfenbuettel

16.30        Luchezar Boyadjiev
17.30         Gregor Podnar
19.30            Tanja Ostojic
Videoscreening: Azzoro-group"the Best gallery" video, 35 min., 2002

Saturday, 4th of December 04

   9.30          Dorata Krakowska
10.00         Dr. Barbara Barsch
11.30         Edit Molnar

                in the afternoon short cuts-presentations
15.00         Birgit Eusterschulte
16.00             Judith Siegmund
               following discussion

17.00         lecture: Barbara Steiner
19.30         Georg Winter
           following discussion

Sunday 5th of december 04

10.30            Panel with u.a.
Gregor Podnar
Luchezar Boyadjiev
Georg Winter

Moderation: Bojana Pejic

12.30        lunch
14.00             end of the conference

after the conference the possibility to visit the Herzog August 
Bibliothek and the Lessing-house

Azorro group, (Oskar Dawicki, Igor Krenz, Wojciech Niedzielko, Lukasz 
Skapsi), artist group, Warszawa.
Barbara Barsch, ifa Berlin
Luchezar Boyadjiev (artist), Sofia.
Birgit Eusterschulte (curator), Kassel
Dorata Krakowska (Goethe-Institute), Krakow
Edit Molnar (curator), Budapest
Tanja Ostojic (artist), Berlin.
Bojana Pejic (curator), Berlin.
Gregor Podnar (curator), Ljubljana
Judith Siegmund (artist), Berlin
Barbara Steiner (curator), director of the Galerie fuer 
Zeitgenoessische Kunst, Leipzig
Georg Winter (artist), Stuttgart

The event takes place in the academy's guest house. Address: 
Rosenwall 17; D - 38300 Wolfenbuettel; Phone: 0049.(0)5331.808455, 
Fax: 0049.(0)5331.808458

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