[artinfo] Call for Submissions: Fake Snow Is Infinitely Preferable To The Real Thing

Sabine Gruffat sabine.gruffat at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 8 22:22:22 CET 2004

Call For Submissions

Fake Snow Is Infinitely Preferable To The Real Thing
A screening of short film/video works

Employing techniques inherent in the coloring of
experience: time remapping, superimposition,
elasticity, environment simulation, animated text,
emotive lighting, color balancing etc. film/video
works shape temporal and physical space. This
reconstruction of ‘reality’ necessarily presupposes a
system of values and equivalencies since manufacturing
the appearance of reality presumes a common experience
of it.  As such, the use of effects expounds a set of
assumptions that may or may not be shared.
Manipulative and disorienting, special effects are a
powerful and confounding tool for artists to explore. 

This screening will include video works by selected
artists who (mis)use special effects as a
destabilizing or revelatory device, divulging the
value systems behind a more subjective and disembodied
reality. The purpose of which is to highlight the use
of the special effect as a formal element within an
increasingly simulated aesthetic.

Emerging artists work will be screened alongside
established film/ video artists. Confirmed dates at
Magic Lantern  in Providenc RI and venues in New York
NY with possible screenings in Boston MA.

Deadline for submissions:
December 15th, 2004

Accepted preview format : 
(NTSC only)
Mini DV, VHS and DVD.

Please mail entries along with SASE (for return of
materials) to:
Fake Snow Is Infinitely Preferable To The Real Thing
294 Carlton Avenue, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn NY 11205

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