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Pau David Alsina Gonzalez palsinag at uoc.edu
Tue Nov 2 11:50:05 CET 2004

International meeting Dali: New Frontiers of Science, Art and Thought.

2 and 3 of November 2004 at the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation of Figueres


This international encounter intends to bring to light some of the 
up-to-date investigations on the relations between art and science, 
and to debate on the reflections that presents the new alliance among 
art, science and technology in the contemporary thought, in relation 
with the work of the painter and writer from the empord.

Salvador Dali (1904-1989) perhaps was one of the 20th century artists 
really interested in science and the scientific thought. For all is 
known its fascination for the psychoanalysis, the theory of 
relativity, the discovery of the chain of the DNA, the math or the 
nuclear physics, that has remained reflected in his literary and 
artistic work.

In November of 1985 was celebrated in the Theater- Museum Dali of 
Figueres the encounter "process to chance", directed by Jorge 
Wagensberg, that met, in the presence of Dali, scientifics and 
thinkers as P.T. Landsberg, G. Ludwig, R. TOM, E. Schatzman, R. 
Margalef and I. Prigogine, to reflect on the irreversible processes, 
cosmology, theory of catastrophes, artificial intelligence, 
biological evolution or on the debate around determinism and liberty.

Whitin the framework of the Dali Year, the international encounter 
"Dal. New frontiers of science, art and the thought" will recall the 
encounter of "Process al chance" and will invite to an open debate on 
the future of the relations between art and science, with the 
participation of prominent personalities of science, thought and 
contemporary creation as Roy Ascott, J. Wagensberg, S. Zeki, P.T. 
Landsberg, G. Parkinson, I. Gomez de
Lia=F1o, J. Abeda, G. Herralde.

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Pau Alsina
Artnodes: art, science and technology
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