Allan Siegel allan at axelero.hu
Sun May 30 13:33:05 CEST 2004


   The University of Arts in Belgrade is organizing international
   conference Cultural Policy and Art Production, which will be held from
   September the 30th until October 02nd 2004. This initiative is step
   further in permanent efforts of our University to be an active player
   in social transition and democratization of cultural system in Serbia
   and other countries in South East Europe. The Conference aims to
   explore and define new strategies and instruments of cultural policy
   in the field of art production and to identify interactive relations
   between cultural policy decision makers and all actors in the field of
   We strongly believe that such an international gathering of
   professionals in this field could be a great opportunity for
   collaboration and exchange of experience, knowledge, skills and tools
   necessary to redesign and redefine relations between cultural policy
   and art production. This initiative intends to emphasize the need of
   policy cooperation development, international understanding, culture
   coalition building and European policy dialogue in the field of
   Within the Conference framework will be organized the meeting of the
   university professors engaged in teaching cultural policy in the
   Balkan countries. The meeting - organized for the first time ever,
   should give strong impact in building capacity and synergy towards
   curriculum development at schools for political sciences, sociology
   and humanities departments in the Region.
   We would also like to underline that this Conference will be the
   platform for meeting of several networks and working groups active in
   the Region, such as Policies for culture team
   (www.policiesforculture.org), Champions group ([1]www.isaacsuk.co.uk),
   and above mentioned network of cultural policy teachers in the South
   East Europe.
   Interested participants are invited to apply with the paper until May
   30th, 2004.
   For more information address Jasmina Milovanovic -
   [2]culpol at arts.bg.ac.yu , +381 11 625 166
   [3]Program Conference
   [4]Application Form


   1. http://www.isaacsuk.co.uk/
   2. mailto:culpol at arts.bg.ac.yu
   3. http://www.arts.bg.ac.yu/rektorat/vesti/naslovi_images/down_confer/programconf.doc
   4. http://www.arts.bg.ac.yu/rektorat/vesti/naslovi_images/down_confer/applicationform.doc

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