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The sarai READER 04


is online at: http://www.sarai.net/journal/reader4.html


Bearing Inconvenient Witness: Notes in Pro/Confessional Mode - Ranjit
Hoskote Peace is War : The Collateral Damage of Breaking News -
Arundhati Roy Financialization, Emotionalization and Other Ugly
Concepts - Toby Miller Interventionist Media in Times of Crisis -
Soenke Zehle Western Wars and Peace Activism: Social Movements in
Global Mass-Mediated Politics - Martin Shaw

Let us become Children ! Training, simulations and kids - Kristian
Lukic What is to be done? - Bhrigupati Singh Disreputable and Illegal
Publics : Cinematic Allegories in Times of Crisis - Ravi Vasudevan
Protesting Capitalist Globalization on Video - Oliver Ressler
Barcelona Pictures - Sasja Barentsen
>From One Crisis to the Next : The Fate of Political Art in India -
Nancy Adajania
On Representing the Musalman - Shahid Amin
Machines Made to Measure : On the Technologies of Identity and the
Manufacture of Difference - Raqs Media Collective

Media representations of the Kargil War and the Gujarat riots -
Subarno Chatterji Small Town News - Taran N. Khan ëOut of the Boxí :
Telelvisual Representations of North East India - Daisy Hasan Lost
in Transit : Narratives and Myths of The Crash of Egypt Air Flight
990 Crash in Egyptian and American Newspapers: - Mahmoud Eid Of Nasty
pictures and ìNice GuysîÇ: The Surreality of Online Hindutva -
Christiane Brosius Media Looking Beyond Crisis? The Urdu/Pakistani
Press in New York after 9/11 - Rehan Ansari Tried by the Media : The
S A R Geelani Trial - Nandita Haksar

ìI saw it on CNN so it must be true...wrong !î - Craig Etcheson
ìCNN made me do (Not Do) itî Assessing Media Influence on US
Interventions in Somalia and Rwanda - Lyn S. Graybill Left To Their
Own Devices The Impact of Informal Information and Communication
Networks on Security in the Tanzanian Refugee Camps - Amy West
Readers vs. Viewers - Ivo Skoric
Cracks in the Urban Frame: The Visual Politics of 9/11 - Ranjani
Mazumdar Truth telling, Gujarat and the Law - Arvind Narrain

Massacres and the Media : A Field Reporter Looks Back on Gujarat 2002
- Darshan Desai The Everyday Life of the Srinagar Correspondent :
Reporting from Kashmir - Muzamil Jaleel A Reporter in Prison -
Iftikhar Gilani Covering Kashmir : The Datelines of Despair -
Basharat Peer Mumbai(Dongri)-Gujarat-Mumbai-Kashmir : Pages from my
Diary - Zainab Bawa

Thoughts on Afghanistan in Five Parts - Meena Nanji
On Experiencing Afghanistan - Daphne Meijer
The Afghan eXplorer : http://compcult.media.mit.edu/afghan_x/ - The
Computing Culture Research Group - MIT Media Lab Waiting : Entries
from a Filmmakers Diary in and around Tel Aviv - Annabel Faroqhi Last
E mail from the Gaza Strip - Rachel Corrie GNN : The Guerrila News
Network Interview with Stephen Marshall - Geert Lovink
Synchronicities: Baghdad/Delhi - Anand Vivek Taneja Portrait of a Day
in Baghdad - Paul Chan Diary of a News Cameraman : Baghdad, July 2003
- Shakeb Ahmed
Rescued Pages of War Sense - Tarun Bhartiya

Politics in the Picture : Witnessing Environmental Crises in the
Media - Sanjay Kak The Toxic Times of India :The Plastic Monster and
a State of Emergency - Ravi Agarwal Evictions - Projections :
Watching Dharmendra in Suburban Lagos - Hansa Thapliyal Remembering
SARS in Beijing : The Nationalist Appropriation of an Epidemic -
Sanjay Sharma Mediated Guilt : The Illusion of Participation in
Delhiís Social Welfare Advertisements - Omar Kutty Journey through a
Disaster : A Filmmakerís Account of the Gujarat Earthquake, 2001 -
Batul Mukhtiar

LOG OO1, 20th October, 2003 - Dakshinpuri Cybermohalla Media Lab

P2P : Power to the People - Janko R–ttgers
War in the Age of Pirate Reproduction - Nitin Govil
Floss and the ëCrisisí : Foreigner in a Free Land? - Martin Hardie
Introducing AIDC as a Tool for Data Surveillance - Beatriz Da Costa
+ Jamieson Schulte + Brooke Singer Anagrams of Orderly Discorder (For
the New Global Order) - Geoff Cox, Joasia Krysa + Adrian Ward The
Tools and Tactics of A Festival : Looking Back at N5M4 - David Garcia
The Revenge of Lowtech : Autolabs, Telecentros and Tactical Media in
Sao Paulo - Ricardo Rosas

Reasonable Restrictions and Unreasonable Speech - Lawrence Liang
ëThe Whole Constitution Goes for Sixî : Legislative Privileges and
the Media - Sudhir Krishnaswamy Censorship Myths and Imagined Harms -
Shohini Ghosh Homeless Everywhere : Writing in Exile - Taslima Nasrin

Manifesto Against Labour - Gruppe Krisis
Digital Declaration - Infossil Corrective

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