[artinfo] Runme Dorkbot citycamp, Aug 25-27, 2004, Aarhus/DK

Inke Arns inke.arns at snafu.de
Tue May 18 14:18:16 CEST 2004

Runme --------------+-------------- Dorkbot
'people doing strange things with software'

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You are cordially invited to leave your tents and sleeping bags
safely at home and join us in Aarhus, Denmark for the Runme Dorkbot
citycamp 2004. From the 25th-27th August, Aarhus will be filled with
'people doing strange things with software', as well as more
traditional campfire activities such as eating, drinking, talking,
socialising, showing off and relaxing together.

The citycamp will be an informal gathering of people interested in
software and art where citycampers will be free to do some low-key
research, develop code and ideas, talk to interesting people and
enjoy dorkbot-style presentations (5-20 minute presentations with
feedback sessions), performances and parties.

The Aarhus' Jutland Academy of Fine Arts has kindly donated use of a
cozy building for these purposes. We will not, however, actually be
camping there; but the basic accommodation for the citycampers will
be taken care of (for those who have registered with a presentation
or other activity).

The R&D camp is brought to you by runme.org and dorkbot.org, but even
if you've never heard of these groups, you are most welcome to come,
see and show: all you need to do is register yourself as a
participant here or as a visitor here. You are, of course, welcome to
come without prior registration (either as a participant or as a
visitor), but there is a chance that we won't allow you in because
the space is full. We'll give preference to those ones registered...
The deadline for registration is June 15.

There are already some plans in the works: a live programming
sound/code clash, software vj mega-jam, installation works, and (for
the intrepid) a pre-citycamp cycle tour of Europe taking in sites of
geeky interest. However, there is plenty of space for more
suggestions for events, projects and recreation. If you have some
ideas, please let us know.

Also, we are distributing this invitation to people and channels we
are familiar with, if you know someone or somewhere interesting that
we have missed out, please redistribute this invitation.

We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you around the city
campfire in Denmark this summer!


Runme Dorkbot citycamp is part of Read_me 2004 Software Art Festival.

Organized by: Read_Me, Dorkbot, Runme.org, Digital Aesthetics
Research Centre (Aarhus University), Det Jyske Kunstakademi (The
Jutland Academy of Fine Arts), Rum46, CAVI.

Supported by: IT-Vest, Aarhus Kommune, Aarhus University Research
Foundation, Aarhus Amt.


Aarhus team: Soeren Pold, Morten Breinbjer, Christian Ulrik Andersen,
Rasmus Blok, Falk Heinrich, Sophie Warberg Loessing, Jacob Nielsen,
Bjorn Ross

Runme team: Amy Alexander, Olga Goriunova, Alex McLean, Alexei

Dorkbot team: Saul Albert, Alex McLean, Douglas Irving Repetto


http://readme.runme.org http://runme.org http://dorkbot.org
http://www.digital-aestetik.dk http://www.djk.nu http://www.rum46.dk


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