[artinfo] performance by mxhz.org and anne wellmer

Eross Nikolett nikol at c3.hu
Mon May 17 15:47:50 CEST 2004

streamelik is, szombaton.

>   |||||    saturday may 22nd - 8.30 pm
>            looking glass presents
>okno #01 : a performance by anne wellmer and mxhz.org
>            at the ice cellars of the VUB
>            waversesteenweg 1015 chaussée de wavre -- 1160 oudergem
>            [next to the vub-campus]
>   |||||     the on-location projects of looking glass
>Looking Glass got the opportunity to organise a series of performances
>and installations in the ice cellars of the VUB [Vrije Universiteit
>Brussel]. This historical location consists of  2  subterranean
>[connected] rooms.  With a width of 10 metres, a heigth of 12 metres
>and a total  length of 60 metres the space takes the proportions of a
>cathedral. Due to the accoustic and spatial qualities of the location,
>most of the presented projects will concentrate on the perception of
>sound in different forms [time, space, movement, connection,
>interference, visualization of sound].
>The first in a series of collaborative performances is a project by
>mxhz.org/guy van belle. He invited the singer/composer anne wellmer.
>They both work with sounds in environments and networks, and in the
>performance they will use the spatial properties of the historical ice
>The performance will be [double] live-streamed towards the looking
>glass gallery in the center of brussels. Those who are not prepared to
>descend 12 m under can always enjoy the performance out on the street!
>According to the russian futurist sound poet vasily kamensky  we chose
>the word okno for this series of on-location projects.
>The word OKNO [window]     = O + K + N + O=
>means : space and matter [glass and wood + boundary of night + air =
>performance starts at 8.30 pm sharp!
>saturday may 22nd   --   free entrance
>address :  ice cellars vub [just off-campus]
>                    waversesteenweg 1015 chaussée de wavre -- 1160
>oudergem [crossroad avenue general jacques]
>No stiletto heels allowed for security reasons.
>Anne Wellmer is a sound artist, born to be angry in Germany in 1966, 
>raised to be wild in America 1970-1973 and educated to be noisy in the 
>Netherlands 1992-1997. Among her work are performances and installations, 
>music theater pieces and choreographies. She performs as an improvising 
>musician, as a composer and as a singer on various electronic instruments, 
>such as the VCS3 EMS Synthi, the ARP 2600, the STEIM crackle box and the 
>G4 powerbook. She currently lives in MiddletownCT (USA) and in The Hague (NL).
>Guy Van Belle is a computer musician and has been actively involved in the 
>use and development of multimedia techniques for artistic purposes since 
>1990. As an independent artist and curator he cooperates with De Waag 
>Society (institute for old and new media) in Amsterdam on the development 
>of collaborative creative tools and installations. Since 2000 he has been 
>working under the name of the collective digital band mxHz.org (machine 
>cent’red humanz), which is internationally renowned for their 
>installations, real-time performances, internet actions and artbots.

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